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Is The Finals free to play?

If you're interested in the new sci-fi shooting game from Embark Studios, then here's whether The Finals is free to play or not on PC.

The Finals free to play: Money raining on a character in The Finals concept art

The Finals is a new sci-fi shooter inspired by bloodsport-style battle arena media where you and your team are tasked with winning a deadly game show. But, is The Finals free to play? It’s a direction a lot of games are taking, and as far as The Loadout is concerned, the less we have to pay for our shooting games, the better.

The Finals release date is coming up, and the game is looking like it could be one of the best competitive FPS games when it finally launches. From using a variety of The Finals weapons to bring down buildings on top of foes, to switching between The Finals classes to optimize your squad, it looks exciting. But can you play without paying?

Is The Finals free to play?

The Finals will be a free to play title once the game launches, but it is currently in closed beta testing right now. The game will have a premium currency that you can purchase that can be spent on cosmetics.

You can apply to take part in the beta by heading to The Finals’ Steam page, where you will find an option to apply to join the playtest of the game.

Being a free shooting game means that The Finals has the best chance at being a live-service title for years. Embark Studios’ upcoming title has already received praise and lots of fanfare during testing, so we hope that it’ll be one of the best FPS games once it finally launches.

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That’s everything we know about whether The Finals is free to play. Before you can finally compete in The Finals, why not find out whether a The Finals PS5 and Xbox release is in the plans? Hopefully, it’ll be one of the best PS5 multiplayer games if it is.