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Is The Finals crossplay?

Get an overview of if The Finals crossplay has been confirmed for the multiplayer shooter, or if you will be locked to playing with those on your platform.

The Finals Crossplay: A soldier can be seen

Are you wondering if there is The Finals crossplay for the upcoming first-person shooter? After the first few trailers, the game has been at the top of our most anticipated games list and with former Battlefield developers behind it, top-quality multiplayer with your friends will be the main draw as destruction devastates the game’s maps.

But, with the game possibly set to be one of the best competitive FPS games and best FPS games, you may want to know where you should team up with your friends once The Finals release date arrives. Thankfully, The Finals is free to play so you won’t have to buy in to just check the FPS out.

Is The Finals crossplay?

The Finals hasn’t been confirmed to have crossplay yet, but with an impending The Finals PS5 and Xbox release, we expect the upcoming competitive shooter to also allow crossplay, with many free-to-play games offering the feature.

The Finals has been confirmed for current-gen consoles, although a last-gen version hasn’t been announced yet and given the game’s impressive destruction we’d be surprised if it ever gets announced. However, while not confirmed we would be surprised if crossplay doesn’t launch alongside The Finals as the feature is almost a must-have for any multiplayer game in 2023.

This is, of course, speculation on our part but the team at Embark are multiplayer veterans and we would be surprised if they didn’t know how valuable crossplay is. But, to be sure, we will just have to wait for confirmation from the studio.

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That is what we know about The Finals crossplay currently. For even more on the game, including the ongoing The Finals beta, check out our guide covering everything you need to know about playing the various betas and jumping in for yourself.