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Is The Callisto Protocol connected to PUBG?

After originally being announced as a part of the PUBG Universe is The Callisto Protocol connected to PUBG now the final game is here. Find out in this article

The Callisto Protocol connected to PUBG: Jacob can be seen looking at a crashed ship

The Callisto Protocol has been through the wringer a little bit when it comes to the scope of the game. Originally announced to be one part of an ambitious PUBG interconnected universe, that plan was later abandoned as the game became its own thing separated from the shooter. But, is The Callisto Protocol connected to PUBG in any way evens slightly?

Are there any small references in The Callisto Protocol’s chapters that hint at a larger connection? Are there even any easter eggs to one of the best battle royale games? Below you can find out before you jump into the game yourself.

Is The Callisto Protocol connected to PUBG?

It doesn’t appear that The Callisto Protocol is connected to PUBG in any way, following on from Striking Distance Studios saying the game is no longer a part of the universe. Originally the game was announced to be a part of the universe back in 2020.

Throughout the game, there really isn’t a reference to the universe at all and it seems to be its own fully-fledged universe. We couldn’t even find a frying pan easter egg! The game has been built out into its own thing, as highlighted in our The Callisto Protocol review and any PUBG links probably wouldn’t work unless they were small references.

If any fun easter eggs or connections are found we will be sure to update this article with them.

So there you have it, now you know if The Callisto Protocol is connected to PUBG you can begin to jump into the world Striking Distance Studios has created. If you are logging in, our guide on The Callisto Protocol characters should give you an overview of who you will meet in Black Iron Prison without any spoilers. And, if you are looking for more gameplay guides our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough has everything you need!