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Is The Callisto Protocol connected to Dead Space?

Are you wondering is The Callisto Protcol connected to Dead Space? Let us answer that question for you before you jump in and begin playing

The Callisto Protocol connected Dead Space: Jacob can be seen in a large storm

Is The Callisto Protocol connected to Dead Space? You’ve heard both series’ names talked about together and might be wondering what is the connection between them. Is there a connection at all? Well, this article will tell you exactly what is going on.

Below you can find out why the series’ are mentioned alongside one another and what you can expect from The Callisto Protocol before you jump in. The length and time to beat The Callisto Protocol is solid enough that you will be able to sink a number of hours into the game. But first, you are here because you want to know the relation to Dead Space. The answer is below…

Is The Callisto Protocol connected to Dead Space?

The Callisto Protocol is not connected to Dead Space in any way canonically. The games are in two entirely separate universes, completely unrelated. The only thing connecting the two series’ is that Glen Schofield, Striking Distance Studio’s founder helped create the Dead Space franchise alongside other members of The Callisto Protocol team.

So, if you were hoping for a crazy crossover or connection between the universes you won’t find anything, unfortunately. But, Striking Distance Studios have crafted a solid universe here, as detailed in our The Callisto Protocol review, and it’s unlikely we will have seen the end of the world the team have created.

So there you have it now you know if The Callisto Protocol is connected to Dead Space. If you are jumping in our guide on The Callisto Protocol’s characters will get you caught up on what to expect from the universe and you can find more guides in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough article.