Tekken 8 King gameplay trailer confirms he’s drippier than ever before

A new Tekken 8 gameplay trailer reveals footage of the fan favourite fighter King, who returns with more power than ever in the Bandai Namco fighting game.

King fighter in Tekken 8

Developer Bandai Namco is returning to the ring, as Tekken 8 dings the bell on a new chapter for the beloved fighting game series. New faces appear for a rumble, but fans will be delighted to see iconic fighters such as Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, and King jump back into the fight. The first Tekken 8 King gameplay trailer is here and one thing is clear: King’s fashion sense is still brilliant.

Players can get a new glimpse of King in the latest Tekken 8 trailer, which depicts the hard-as-nails brawler duking it out with Tekken alum Marshall Law. Donning a set of fresh wrestling-inspired threads, King’s rejuvenated look splashes together shades of purple and gold, while adding a rather nifty cape – because all badass fighters need a cape. You’ll need to practice though, before the Tekken 8 release date arrives, as King’s moveset is just as heavy hitting as ever, with a devastating suplex and nasty hooks laying waste to Law within the arena.

The game is expected to utilise customisation options, in a similar fashion to previous Tekken games. King has forged an identity with Tekken fans for showcasing incredible outfits, leading to the masked wrestler gaining a reputation as a fashionista. Specifically, King’s rival Armour King, made players fall in love with his simple-yet-effective outfit that comprised of sneakers, tracksuit pants, and an oversized tee.

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Despite opposing King, Tekken fans such as ‘warlordkamii‘ continue to note the brilliant outfits seen throughout the series: “Why we don’t ever talk about how much drip King has throughout the Tekken series.” The character has seen different variants appear, with the current version (King II) leading the way since the third entry in the franchise. Originally, King (King I) was an orphan that found solace as a priest, before adopting the moniker of the ‘Beast Priest’ to conceal his identity.

After meeting their demise at the hands of Tekken villain Ogre, King II was born out of revenge by an orphan raised in the first King’s orphanage. To add another one into the mix, Armour King agrees to train King II as his new protege to enact justice. Armour King was previously a rival to the first King but later set their differences aside.

Joining King on the Tekken 8 characters roster is Paul Phoenix, though his new aesthetic has already caused a stir with avid fans.