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Tekken 8 characters - all 32 fighters

The Tekken 8 roster is absolutely stacked, so check out all of the fighters you can play as in the acclaimed PS5, Xbox and PC fighter.

Tekken 8 Characters: King can be seen holding a microphone

We know it’s hard to believe that, after seven long years, Tekken 8 is on the way with an expansive set of Tekken 8 characters. Boasting slick cinematics and breathtaking graphics, the King of the Iron Fist Tournament returns with a bang.

It is already hailed as one of the best fighting games out there, so we have everything you need to know about all the Tekken 8 characters within the Tekken 8 roster. With this being the eighth entry into the ever-popular Tekken fighting game series, it’s safe to say that there are quite a few characters for Bandai Namco to choose from when it comes to putting together a roster – we got to test some of them out in our Tekken 8 gameplay preview.

Tekken 8 characters list

Here are the Tekken 8 characters:

Tekken 8 Characters: Jin can be seen in a grey, red, and black jacket

Jin Kazama

It wouldn’t be Tekken without Kazama and he is once again back in Tekken 8. As the game’s main protagonist, Jin has teamed up with half-uncle Lars Alexandersson to initiate Operation Lightning – a plan that, should it succeed, will see the elimination of Kazuya Mishima, and with it the proliferation of the Devil Gene once and for all.

Using his gifts for the better, Jin delivers a hard-hitting punch and kick, alongside some intense combos and finishers thanks to his Devil Gene. With a lot of power behind each punch, expect Jin to really stand out.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Kazuya can be seen in a scaly, textured coat

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya is set to return in terrifyingly fine form. Picking up after Tekken 7’s story, his thirst for dominance has led to an all-out war – a war he is currently winning comfortably as the leader of G Corp. Eager to maintain an iron fist over the world, Kazuya has been using his devil powers to their fullest while Jin’s been away.

Full of intensity, power, and screen-clearing kicks and combos, you will find yourself caught in a corner fairly often against Kazuya, so come prepared for his onslaught of attacks and power.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Jun can be seen with a dove next to her gloved hand

Jun Kazama

After an extended break from Tekken, Jun Kazama is back and as the mother to Jin, you can expect her to play a key role in the story. With style, grace, and technique, she will be someone not to underestimate as she lands special attacks and kicks that will overwhelm you easily.

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Tekken 8 Characters: King can be seen with an ornate necklace


The mighty beast roars into Tekken 8 looking better than he has ever looked. As the manager of an orphanage with an ever-growing number of kids in need as a result of the ongoing war, King is looking to put his Lucha Libre skills to the test in order to secure the funding to support them.

King’s power, grapples, and pins will easily catch you off guard and potentially end a round or match before it has even started, so you will want to have your guard up when facing him.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Paul Phoenix can be seen with a scruffy beard

Paul Phoenix

The legendary Paul Phoenix returns once again in Tekken 8 with a revamped design, motorcycle, and viable moves to keep him at pace with his competition. Despite looking scruffy, don’t expect anyone playing Paul to be playing scrappy.

But why is he looking so disheveled? Well, after the cancellation of the seventh King of Iron Fist Tournament, Paul only received a fraction of the money he was hoping for – a life of destitution followed. Having spent plenty of time training in the mountains with Marshall Law, Paul is ready to hit the jackpot this time around.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Lars can be seen in a white and gold coat

Lars Alexandersson

The creator of the rebel army Yggdrasil, Lars has been very busy since the end of Tekken 7. Not only has he been fighting against half-brother Kazuya and G Corp, but he’s also somewhat buried the hatchet with Jin, conspiring with his half-nephew on Operation Lightning in the hopes that Kazuya will be taken down once and for all.

Boasting a sleek costume and a set of kicks, grabs, and punches that’ll keep anyone shocked into silence, Lars is a formidable foe in Tekken 8 and can dart and dash around the stage at lightning speed. He will always keep you guessing so don’t get caught off-guard.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Marshall can be seen with hand wraps

Marshall Law

Law is entering the fight once again, this time with an expanded set of moves, tight punches, extended combos, and nunchucks to keep pummeling you until you are paste. His muscles – which have been honed during his training with Paul in the mountains – are nothing to be underestimated, as his flurry of attacks will often catch you by surprise.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Jack-8 can be seen with full cyborg armor


Jack-8 has never brought a bigger gun to a fight than in Tekken 8. With armor that is seemingly impenetrable, the hulking great machine is one of the tankiest characters on the roster and one that will undoubtedly punish you over and over again while shaking off any hits you land in return.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Nina can be seen in a black leather jacket and sunglasses

Nina Williams

Nina is back with her pistol in hand in Tekken 8. The biological mother of Steve Fox, Nina has little time to entertain her lab-grown child as she has far more important work to be getting on with as the commander of the G Corp forces.

Nina’s put-together look doesn’t mean that she can’t get in the middle of a fight and demolish opponents. Combining punches, grabs, kicks, and her pistols, Nina will have you pinned at almost any range.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Ling can be seen with ribbons in her hair

Ling Xiaoyu

Ling Xiaoyu brings her grace back to Tekken in Tekken 8, this time with pointed toes, complex combos, and quick reactions that could easily punish and overwhelm you if you are not careful. She doesn’t let up – be it in combat or her global search for Jin – so land your hits well and at the right time, or face the consequences.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Leroy can be seen in an ornate outfit

Leroy Smith

Resident New Yorker Leroy Smith returns once more, and this time it’s G Corp he’s got a chip on his shoulder about rather than the Mishima Zaibatsu. As Heihachi was once the man Leroy wanted to take down more than anyone, that baton has now passed to Kazuya.

Tekken 7’s most memorable and arguably best new character makes an impact in Tekken 8 with his Wing Chun fighting style, albeit upgraded for the game on PS5, Xbox, and PC. Punches, kicks, and simply having composure are Leroy’s strengths and he has that in buckets here in Tekken 8.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Asuka can be seen wearing a blue jumper and beret

Asuka Kazama

Riding on her bike, Asuka Kazama lands on both wheels in Tekken 8 with her large punches, kicks, elbows, and attacks that pull you close for her to follow up with a hard hit or special move. Don’t underestimate Asuka despite the fact she isn’t as imposing as some of the others on this roster.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Lili can be seen wearing a red and white dress


The heiress returns in Tekken 8. Lili is back with her technical combos, attacks, punches, kicks, and pins that can leave you caught in a trap and overwhelmed by her varied move-set and combos. From light sweeps to overhead kicks and jumps, Lili is not someone to overestimate with how well she can cover the stage and every angle.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Hwoarang can be seen wearing a white and black outfit


Howarang’s Taekwando skills return in Tekken 8 with wide sweeping kicks, two-hit combos, sweeps, and powerful kick and punch combos. From being able to hit his opponent in the air to landing hits one after the other Howarang is one of the top in his field in Tekken 8 – it’s no wonder he remains Jin’s long-time rival.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Bryan Fury can be seen with multiple scars

Bryan Fury

Bryan Fury brings his punches and kicks back to Tekken in Tekken 8, this time with a strong motivation behind his thirst for fighting. Capable of landing hard punches that knock opponents back and catch them off guard, Bryan Fury is one to keep an eye on if you are against him in a fight.

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Tekken 8 characters: Claudio can be seen wearing a white cloak

Claudio Sarafino

Revealed at the end of the Closed Network Test trailer, Claudio returns after his debut in Tekken 7, bringing his classic look and feel. But, he does have a brand new outfit, and hopefully fancier attacks to boot.

A renowned exorcist and leader of the Sirius Marksmen, Claudio originally got close to Xiaoyu to get close to Jin – you can imagine why. But after seeing Xiaoyu’s unshakeable faith in Jin, he had a change of heart and chose to support her on her journey.

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Tekken 8 Characters Raven: Raven can be seen wearing blue and gold bracers


Raven and his clones are back in Tekken 8 and he looks more powerful than ever. With a wide variety of moves, some fantastic pressure-building combos thanks to his clones, and a stylish super, expect Raven to dominate matches when Tekken 8 comes out.

This time around, Raven has been training with his ninjutsu master as a response to the brutal struggle between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corp. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see his leveled-up moves in action.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Azucena can be seen in a patterned jacket


Azucena is the first newcomer announced for Tekken 8 and her whole thing appears to be dodging and coffee. Completely redefining what is possible in matches, Azucena, who hails from Peru, appears to have a dodge that she can perform at any time, which will be interesting to see in matches. The poster girl for her family’s coffee plantation, we’re excited to see what the MMA champion has in store.

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Tekken 8 Characters: Kuma can be seen holding a big fish


Spotted briefly in the release date trailer, Kuma is back once again with an adorable, yet fearsome look. Despite his master Heihachi now being out of the picture, Kuma refuses to believe that he’s gone for good. Out of loyalty to Heihachi Kuma bases his new attire on him, and continues to train in order to protect the Mishima Zaibatsu from the continued G Corp onslaught until he returns.

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Tekken 8 characters: Dragunov can be seen wearing a fur-lined jacket

Sergei Dragunov

‘The White Angel of Death’, Sergei Dragunov is a monstrous figure within the Russian military who specializes in Commando Sambo. After returning home from the last King of Iron Fist Tournament, Dragunov is granted an extended leave of absence – a rarity for the workaholic. With more free time on his hands, Dragunov sets out to enjoy his time off by cleaving through his bucket list, though he sets his sights on a new goal during this process.

Dragunov makes a super brief appearance in the release date trailer with a more down-to-earth gritty look.

Tekken 8 Characters: Steve Fox can be seen wearing a blue jacket

Steve Fox

The middleweight boxing champion of the world, Steve Fox’s skills will come in handy once again in Tekken 8. Having been developed from Nina Williams’s eggs as part of Heihachi’s Devil Gene super soldier project, Steve spent much of his life attempting to learn who his biological parents were.

After encountering Nina and realizing the truth in a cold exchange, Steve is left without purpose. After chatting to training buddies Paul and Marshall, Steve realizes that he has the means to set out his own destiny before setting off to develop a brand new style of fighting – one which we can’t wait to see deployed in Tekken 8.

Our first glimpse of Steve came during the Tekken 8 release date trailer.

Tekken 8 characters: Leo can be seen wearing a red jacket

Leo Kliesen

Bajiquan specialist Leo Kliesen is a quiet yet inquisitive spelunker who originally set out on a journey to discover the truth behind his mother’s death. After learning that she had not only been a researcher for the Mishima Zaibatsu’s Devil Gene project but had most likely been disposed of at the order of Kazuya, though mysteries remain unsolved. In Tekken 8, we’re expecting Leo to dig deeper into the organization and learn the full truth of the matter.

Leo also made a super small appearance in the release date trailer.

Tekken 8 Characters: Shaheen can be seen with a red headscarf on


Like Leo, Shaheen was initially introduced in Tekken 7. After his best friend’s death, Shaheen traces the blame to, surprise, surprise, Kazuya and G Corp. Carrying Salim’s treasured blade, Shaheen is set to continue his own fight against the corporation in his fallen compadre’s honor.

Shaheen makes a brief appearance in the release date trailer for Tekken 8 where he showcases his devastating aerial kicks. While he doesn’t look too dissimilar from his Tekken 7 attire, there have definitely been refinements to his fit.

Tekken 8 Characters: Yoshimitzu can be seen enshrouded in purple light


The spinning mechanized ninja Yoshimitsu is, unsurprisingly, back in Tekken 8. The Manji Clan head is commissioned to track down archives pertaining to the Mishima Zaibatsu, leading him to an old, underground cave. Here, Yoshimitsu gets way more than he bargained for, as a demonic aura surrounding the archives resonates with his cursed blade, leading it to go wild.

After returning from the mission, the Manji Clan’s elders teach Yoshimitsu how to control the blade’s bloodlust – a bloodlust that now guides the wandering warrior.

Yoshimitsu was first seen in the release date trailer, and we’re glad to see one of the series’ most iconic characters return – not that we were ever in doubt, of course.

Tekken 8 characters: Feng Wei can be seen with a long ponytail

Feng Wei

A master of Taijiquan who seeks to become the Dragon God, Feng Wei is at least looking the part of a godly warrior this time around with the audacious amount of drip in his default costume. He was bested by Leroy Smith in the previous King of Iron Fist Tournament but has clearly honed his skills further in the time since – he was one of the best Tekken 7 characters, so we’re expecting him to be top-tier once again. From his reveal trailer, it’s clear that vengeance is on the cards.

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Tekken 8 characters: Panda with her cute little paws


Tekken’s most adorable character (sorry, Kuma) is back, and Panda is looking cuter than ever this time around. Having set off to first find Ling Xiaoyu, before joining her owner on her own quest to track down Jin, Panda’s unwavering resolve to protect Xiaoyu has taken her across the world.

We get to see Panda in action during a reveal trailer which also features the likes of Devil Jin, Zafina, Alisa, and Lee.

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Tekken 8 characters: Zafina wearing a blue hood


Since her introduction back in Tekken 6, Zafina has cemented her place as one of the best fighters on the roster thanks to her spiritual abilities. Back again for Tekken 8, Zafina is harboring the sealed power of Azazel in her left arm in an attempt to prevent the original devil from reviving once more, following the events of Tekken 7.

Now aided by Claudio Serafino and Xiaoyu, Zafina knows what must be done to prevent the worst-case scenario from occurring once again, though the cost may be exceedingly high.

Zafina was also seen in the Return of Legends trailer.

Tekken 8 characters: Lee Chaolan wearing a cool futuristic costume

Lee Chaolan

As the manager of the global humanoid manufacturer Violet Systems, it’s unsurprising that Lee Chaolan’s Tekken 8 redesign has been drastically influenced by futurism. However, this new violet-hued battle suit has plenty of function to match its form it’s been developed to help Lee fight back against Kazuya’s oppressive G Corp.

Since co-founding the rebel army Yggdrasil with Lars Alexandersson, Lee’s been utilizing his brawn as well as his brain to try and take down his adopted brother.

Lee and his new look were spotted in the Return of Legends trailer.

Tekken 8 characters: Alisa Bosconovitch can be seen in a fairy-esque outfit

Alisa Bosconovitch

The robotic recreation of Doctor Bosconovitch’s deceased daughter, Alisa Bosconovitch was initially created to act as a bodyguard for Jin, though she is later defeated by Lars – the man she clearly has feelings for. After being reprogrammed by Lee and subsequently freed from her core code by her father, Alisa now fights alongside Ygdrassil of her own volition.

Alisa was first seen in the Return of Legends trailer.

Tekken 8 characters: Devil Jin can be seen with wings and horns

Devil Jin

The physical manifestation of Jin’s Devil Gene, Devil Jin is a sadistic, power-crazed demon who refuses to acknowledge his ‘weak’ host. While in this form, Jin sprouts horns and pitch-black wings, and markings appear on his face. Devil Jin is certainly the edgiest character in the series and with that one of the coolest.

Our first proper look at Devil Jin came during the Return of Legends trailer.

Tekken 8 characters: Victor Chevalier can be seen in a sharp suit

Victor Chevalier

The founder and leader of the UN’s independent forces, Victor is just as sufficient at breaking skulls as he is at breaking hearts. A brand new addition to the Tekken 8 characters roster for the upcoming fighter, Victor is a suave operator, and the former French Navy legend is revered for his terrifying combat prowess. In response to the increasing might of G Corp, Victor sets up a covert team of elite soldiers known as the ‘Raven Unit’ in an attempt to retain balance from the shadows.

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Tekken 8 characters: Reina can be seen with purple and black attire


Reina is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. The Mishima Polytechnical School student is known for her lightning-fast moves, earning her the moniker ‘Purple Lightning.’ Though little has been revealed about her, Reina appears to have taken an interest in Jin – more specifically an interest in fighting him. Utilizing a mixture of Taido and Mishima-style karate, theories are already flying online regarding her true purpose in Tekken 8, especially after her reveal trailer showcased that she has incorporated some of Heihachi’s moves into her own repertoire.

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As you can see this list is already exciting and expansive and it is only set to get bigger with more Tekken 8 characters. Could this be one of the best PS5 games and best Xbox games when the Tekken 8 release date arrives? We certainly think so.

While you’re patiently waiting for Tekken 8 to arrive, be sure to prepare your setup in the meantime with some of the best PS5 accessories and best Xbox accessories. If you’re looking to enjoy the current generation title in the best possible quality, then check out the best TV options on the market.