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Street Fighter 6 passcode answers

Get the answer to the Street Fighter 6 passcode you have likely come across while exploring the vast World Tour mode on PS5, PS4, Xbox, or PC.

Street Fighter 6 Passcode: An Avatr can be seen

Throughout Street Fighter 6, you will come across a few passcodes which you will need to enter to proceed with a main quest or complete a side objective. Finding the Street Fighter 6 passcode answers can be a challenge, and in fact, one requires you to be a mathematician practically to solve it with a complex math problem, 2 ^ 6 x 3 x 643.

This article will speed that up and let you know what the passcodes are throughout Street Fighter 6, saving you time and also not breaking your brain. This will allow you to proceed with World Tour, get some new moves, and use them within Avatar Battles in the Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub.

Street Fighter 6 passcode

The Street Fighter 6 passcode is 332951 within the ‘Tracking The Mystery Code’ quest or ‘123456’ after you met Grace in Chapter 13-4 within the SiRN building in World Tour. This can be entered on your phone via the messages app.

For the first code, you will need to defeat all the enemies and take down the posters within Metro City during the ‘Tracking The Mystery Code’ quest.

The three spots where you can find the parts of the code are on a cargo container by Baller Mando, in Luke’s Training Center courtyard, Buckler Security, and next to Shopkeeper Udon.

You can see images of all the locations below from a video from ‘Gaming Fight Club’, but once you have them, enter the code and you will be able to proceed, find Ken, and wrap up the mission.

YouTube Thumbnail

As mentioned above, the math problem to solve the second passcode is for this is 2 ^ 6 x 3 x 643. Now we didn’t play Street Fighter 6 World Tour to solve maths problems, but it seems like this is a troll from Capcom in a way as the code is the first six numbers in order. Entering it will give you a Stamina Booster, however.

It is definitely hard to work this out without googling the answer or using this guide, so now you know the Street Fighter 6 passcode you can continue through the story and wrap it up. From there, you will be able to continue unlocking the Street Fighter 6 characters within World Tour.