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Street Fighter 6 launch roster missing leaked Ed, Rashid, and Akuma

Street Fighter 6's launch roster of 18 characters has been revealed, but four heavily-leaked characters are absent from the lineup

Street Fighter 6 roster launch: A cartoon-style image depicting some of the 18 characters coming to Street Fighter 6

Capcom has just revealed the entire Street Fighter 6 roster that will be coming to the fighting game at launch in 2023, and while it mostly confirms the majority of leaks that have been floating around out there, there are some speculated Street Fighter 6 characters unaccounted for.

As well as already showing off previously confirmed fighters like Ryu, Jamie, and Guile, a whole host of other leaked characters feature in Street Fighter 6’s opening movie below. These include well-known names like Dee Jay and Cammy, through to new fighters like Marisa. A leaked fighter previously known as Mimi also appears, but with a new name: Manon.

In addition to these fighters, JP, Zangief, and Lily are also confirmed. Zangief’s inclusion means that all of the original game’s characters, the World Warriors, are in Street Fighter 6.

There are, however, four names that leakers were confident about that haven’t been confirmed in the 18-strong roster at launch. These are past characters Ed, Rashid, and Akuma, and one brand new fighter that was said to be called A.K.I.

The fate of these four characters is unknown – they may have been cut from the game entirely, or they may appear later down the line as DLC characters. However, it is surprising to see Akuma, Ed and Rashid not included at launch given their long legacies with the franchise.

The most likely scenario is that Capcom is saving them for DLC, as we can’t see a world where they don’t make a return, especially with Street Fighter 6 being such a huge upgrade for the series. One thing’s for certain though – they won’t be showing up for the Street Fighter 6 release date.