Street Fighter 6 will be playable for fighting game fans at EVO 2022

Both the Sony and Capcom booths at EVO 2022 will have a playable demo of Street Fighter 6 for fighting game fans to sink their teeth into

Street Fighter 6 Evo 2022: Two fighters brawl in front of cherry blossom trees in SF6

It has been confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will be making a public appearance at this summer’s EVO 2022 as a playable demo that fighting game fanatics can get hands-on with.

The renowned fighting games tournament, which will make its return as an international, in-person live event in Las Vegas this August after a three-year absence, will not only see the world’s best Street Fighter pros compete on Street Fighter V, but will also give fans the chance to get some early reps in on its upcoming successor.

While the Street Fighter 6 release date is still slated for 2023, you’ll be able to get hands-on experience with the game at both Capcom and Sony’s booths at EVO. There won’t be full access to the entire Street Fighter 6 roster, however, as only four fighters will be playable in this demo build: Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and new brawler Jamie.

As well as being able to get hands-on, Capcom is promising that there will be Street Fighter 6 news and announcements being revealed throughout EVO, which we speculate could include confirmation on more of the game’s fighters, more details on its intriguing World Tour mode, and maybe even a concrete release date.

“The Street Fighter series is responsible for the origin of Evo. We are beyond excited to welcome Capcom to this year’s event and give our fans the opportunity to check out Street Fighter 6,” Rick Thiher, EVO’s general manager, says in a press release. “We are committed to collaborating with publishers like Capcom in an effort to celebrate the legacy of our genre and inspire the next generation of the fighting game community.”

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While this won’t be the first public appearance for Street Fighter 6 (that honour goes to the Japan Expo in Paris which kicks off on July 14) it will be where the fighting game community’s biggest stars and fans will be able to test it out en masse.