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Does Street Fighter 6 have early access?

Find out if there is Street Fighter 6 early access and a way for you to play ahead of everyone else on your PS5, PS4, Xbox, or PC.

Street Fighter 6 early access: Chun-Li can be seen

Are you wondering if there is Street Fighter 6 early access? Maybe you are looking to hit the streets before everyone else, get a headstart online, or just get to grips with one of the new characters in the roster like Manon, Marisa, or Jamie. Here in this guide, we will go over if you can play ahead of everyone else or get in before the official release.

After all, it would make sense to want to become as strong with the character of your choice in Street Fighter 6 as quickly as possible, especially if you want to ascend the Street Fighter 6 ranks. You will need as much practice as possible before you jump in the Street Fighter 6 Batlle Hub and face up against the pros and competitive players.

Does Street Fighter 6 have early access?

Street Fighter 6 does not have any early access PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S or PC. The only way to play is to wait until the game releases on all platforms on June 2, 2023.

Depending on when the game will go live, you might be able to play early on Xbox by switching your region to New Zealand. But, we have to wait for firm release times from Capcom to know for sure. Once we do know if this is possible, we will update this guide.

If you are itching to play and haven’t already bought the game, you can buy the game below:

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There you have it! That is what you need to know about if you can play Capcom’s latest fighter thanks to Street Fighter 6 early access. If you are planning to pick up the game or jump in on June 2, be sure to read through our Street Fighter 6 tier list which is filled with information on who is currently at the top and a must-pick online.