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People are modding their cats into Stray and we can’t get enough of it

Stray's modding community has already taken to developer BlueTwelve Studio's adventure game like cats to a keyboard, and have even made skins for their own cats

Stray people modding their own cats: a Calico cat as it appears in-game

Stray has had quite the reception since its launch last week, with BlueTwelve Studio’s now-hit adventure game receiving plaudits (pawdits?) from across the internet. But for some people, getting to run around its decaying, futuristic cityscape as a cuddly ginger cat isn’t enough, and modders have started re-skinning Stray’s furry protagonist in the image of their own feline friends.

As pointed out by GAMINGbible’s Imogen Donovan on Twitter, modders like ‘Narwhix’ and ‘Whenbearsreign’ have been immortalising their cats in game through Nexus Mods. But that’s not all, as there are now mods for just about every kind of cat you can think of. And yes, of course there’s a Garfield mod – though we feel he’d be disappointed by the lack of lasagne in Stray’s world.

Oh, and did we mention that people have started making clothes for the cat, too? That’s right, ‘Sirgalahad172’ has even uploaded a mod that will give it a Newsboy Cap, offering you the ability to maraud around as a member of the Peaky Blinders. It’s a bit different from the Stray blanket, but we rate it.

You’ll also find the usual suite of graphical enhancements and other performance tweaks, should they take your fancy.

We personally can’t wait to see what else Stray’s modding community has in store. We’re personally holding out for Persona 5’s Mona to make an appearance, or maybe even Pokémon’s Meowth.

If you’re still making your way through Stray and need a helping hand with some of the achievements and collectibles, check out our Stray walkthrough.