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You can eat like a Starfield Spacer with this Trilo Bites recipe now

If you want to try some Starfield food for yourself, fans of this RPG are sharing their own Starfield Trilo Bites recipe online and it looks seriously tasty.

Starfield Trilo Bites recipe: an image of Sarah Morgan in a spacesuit

Although quite unimportant in the grand scheme of things, the food in Bethesda’s Starfield is something special. You could even argue that this is the perfect example of content that contributes to Starfield being one of the best RPG games out there right now; it’s in-game items like this that bring the world we’re exploring to life, after all. If you’re getting hungry while doing this exploring, though, you may find yourself wanting to try some of this food. We’re not going to blame you, a lot of it does look quite tasty. If you are going to try some of it, though, you should forget Chunks and its cube-shaped fast food; you can find an official Starfield Trilo Bites recipe online and make yourself one of the Settled Systems’ most sought-after delicacies right now.

Polish culinary blog Nerds’ Kitchen is collaborating with Bethesda Poland to bring some of the most interesting Starfield food to life in its Constellation Cuisine series online. In a similar fashion to this strange square Starfield breakfast, Nerds’ Kitchen chef ‘Anita Deer’ has thrown together recipes for Chunks’ Cake and Chunks’ Potato – both of which look very delicious. Unlike other Starfield food fanatics, though, Anita Deer is now sharing a recipe for Trilo Bites online. This Settled Systems delicacy is made up of “small alien arthropods, sauteed and served with whipped butter.” So, it’s not exactly as appealing as a nice cube of baked beans or a bit of cheesecake.

Well, until now anyway. Enter: Nerds’ Kitchen and Anita Deer – someone who has somehow made a recipe based on giant ancient sea bugs look quite tasty.

As you can see below, and by checking out the full recipe right here, this dish is essentially one where you make fried seafood dumplings, shape them like Trilo Bites, and then serve them with some lemon-whipped butter. The dumpling dough includes both cricket flour and paprika, while the filling is primarily crab meat and cream cheese – with some parsely and chilli flakes, to give it a kick.

We’ve made Trilo Bites IRL – deep fried dumplings with cricket flour and surimi-based filling. Let us know what you think about this interpretation!
byu/anitadeer inStarfield

If you’re not a fan of seafood, or you actually can’t eat it, you should probably give this one a miss. However, for those of us who do enjoy seafood, these look moreish and well worth the 740 credits they’ll cost you in Starfield. Although, you’ll need to make sure you have the best Starfield skills for the task if you want to try and recreate this delicacy in-game. Sadly, in reality, you can’t just spend some skill points to improve your cooking skills – that takes a bit more practice.

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