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You’re so close to replicating Starfield’s strange food in real life

Exploring the galaxy is quite lucrative for finding strange Starfield foods, and in the spirit of exploration, some players are making the food in real life.

Starfield food recipe

As civilization establishes itself around the galaxy in Starfield, we’re concerned about an important issue for everyday life: what is food like in the future? There is a gigantic buffet of Starfield food to peruse in the Bethesda RPG, and some food looks so intriguing that one player is putting their Starfield missions on hold to bring the edible delights to life.

We need to know how Todd Howard and the Bethesda designers eat at the studio HQ, because Starfield’s Chunks just have an odd aura about them. Not strange for Redditor ‘Euphoric_Ad_2049’, though. The cunning space chef shows off his own take on a galactic breakfast, saying to fellow Starfield players that “[I] tried my hand at making a Chunks breakfast. How did I do?”

Behold below the Redditor’s creation. It is weirdly impressive how they’ve achieved the thick, square form for their dish. However, the lack of chunky beans has some Starfield food connoisseurs wishing the interstellar chef had applied the same methodology to them.

Tried my hand at making a Chunks breakfast. How did I do?
byu/Euphoric_Ad_2049 inStarfield

In fact, commenter ‘trzenrick’ forms a solution to get the beans into the correct shape. ‘SandyHammy’ adds that “we’ll all be truly impressed once you chunkify the beans, though.” Perhaps you can try tzrenrick’s suggested method for yourself:

  • “Mix plain gelatin with the beans”
  • “Get the beans and gelatin up to boiling, and keep it there for a couple of minutes”
  • “Pour [the] ‘GelaBeans’ into their respective cubic mold, refrigerate 4 hours, or until set”

Chunks’ presence in Starfield is causing somewhat of a trend with players, as other foodies share their own creations or unintentionally square foods with one another. Redditor’s ‘Large-Tough-7032‘ and ‘tunnelsnakefoot’ respectively share their cubic rice and red cheesecake, although the latter wins extra points for flexing their Starfield watch.

starfield chunks food

I can finally share this Chunk with you all
byu/tunnelsnakefool inStarfield

There’s already some great Starfield merchandise to purchase, but we wonder how it will be before Bethesda decides to release a limited run Chunks food. Hey, stranger things have happened. We’ll be sampling the Mongolian Beef first, if should a thing actually comes to fruition. Nevertheless, outside crafting these recipes in real life, if you do fancy replicating this success in the game you’ll need to make use of the best Starfield skills.

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