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This Starfield trait sees you showered in gifts by an “adoring fan”

A new Starfield trait description has been spotted in a Q+A video with Bethesda's Todd Howard, and it allows you to receive gifts from a spacefaring superfan

Starfield trait Hero Worshipped: A balding man in a gold hooded cloak makes a thoughtful expression

In a brand new Starfield Q+A video, Todd Howard has set out to once again blow fans’ info-starved minds with some new details about the upcoming space RPG. But as well as revealing more on the new persuasion minigame in the dialogue system and explaining how fuel burning works in your spaceship, we actually learned about something rather annoying in Starfield.

In the game’s big summer showcase, fans were quick to comb through the footage of in-game menus to learn about some of the Starfield traits you can apply to your character. These traits offer both advantages and disadvantages, and touch on everything from your stats to which Starfield factions you have allegiances with from the get go. However, this Q+A video seems to show a few have been updated with new names, and we get to see a rather hilarious description for one of them for the first time.

In the menus, a trait called Hero Worshipped can be seen. This appears to be a re-naming of Unwanted Hero, which was spotted during the summer showcase. This time though, we get to see its description:

“You’ve earned the attention of an annoying ‘Adoring Fan’ who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly. On the plus side, he’ll give you gifts.”

Yep, you can get your own spacefaring superfan in Starfield. Exactly how often this annoying stan will appear remains to be seen, but free stuff will likely come in very useful in the early stages of your adventure with Constellation.

While we can’t seem to spot any other brand new traits, there is another that appears to have been updated. Starter Home, which previously awarded you with a “small house on a peaceful little moon” in exchange for 50,000 credits worth of mortgage repayments, appears to have been beefed up to ‘Dream Home’. This trait now offers “a luxurious, customisable house on a peaceful planet”, and while the same 50,000-credit mortgage applies, the description is more explicit and says this has to be paid back weekly.

If you don’t fancy getting pally with your adoring superfan, why not take a look at some of the Starfield factions that you can befriend instead?