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Starfield speedrunners battling to clear RPG in 40 minutes or less

Starfield has been in the hands of savvy speedrunners for days through early access, and some incredible records are already broken days after setting them.

starfield speedruns new game plus

In the quest to find more unique Starfield weapons  you’ll need to enter Starfield New Game Plus, which opens up plenty of new possibilities. YouTubers are racing through all the Starfield missions with amazing pace, collecting many of these rare items along the way. However, if you fancy matching their feats, we recommend studying their videos first.

Two Starfield speedrunners are emerging in popularity, as YouTubers ‘Mrtuscanii’ and ‘SupaScared’ are impressing Bethesda fans with their record-breaking feats. SupaScared is documenting multiple attempts at beating New Game Plus on their channel, with their first video documenting a speedrun that clocks in just an under hour. Following it up, the Starfield fanatic beats New Game Plus with a 50-minute record – until now.

The YouTuber’s current record is that of just under 41 minutes, which stands as their best attempt at the time of writing. While this is certainly a superb achievement for the YouTuber, they might not be aware of another contender within the speedrun arena.

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Mrtuscanii is also trying their hand at defying the boundaries of time in Starfield. Only one speedrun is present on their YouTube channel thus far, but their record trumps SupaScared’s multiple videos. This fellow speedrunner achieves a 38-minute run, beating SupaScared by a handful of minutes. It might not seem like much, but every second counts across the galaxy.

As you can see in either of these playthrough videos, the pair waste no time in gliding through interactions, picking up gear, and mastering the art of racing through space in their Starfield ships. We won’t be spoiling any story beats here, but New Game Plus in Starfield recontextualizes the game’s missions with a fresh perspective, making it all the more interesting to see these players clear them with ease.

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We’re sure that these players or others in the Starfield community will set a new record imminently, though. How quick can the massive space RPG be beaten? Comparatively, the quickest Skyrim speedrun clocks in at 22 minutes, with load times removed. However, Starfield speedrunners are yet to submit their times to this database.

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