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Somehow an entire Starfield space station can be purchased

Forget about buying one of many Starfield ships out there, some lucky explorer is showing off their purchase of a Starfield space station and it is ridiculous.

Starfield space station ship

We’re all on a quest to see how far the boundaries of Starfield can be pushed, and the lines are shifting even days after release on Xbox and PC. There are some players occupied with acquiring a fleet of Starfield ships, but then there are others who have their eyes on something far bigger. In fact, they’re after something as gigantic as a Starfield space station.

Belonging to the Crimson Fleet as the Starfield factions‘ main base, Redditor ‘VeganStan666420’ explains that they “somehow managed to purchase The Key… [I] was able to move parts around in the ship builder. Not really flyable, but managed to land it on a planet.” While the enormous spacecraft isn’t able to traverse the galactic plains properly, the player manages to land it on a nearby planet, though it clearly isn’t meant to be grounded.

The Key can be seen clipping into the environment, channeling that unique jank that only Bethesda manages to craft. Now, if you were in this position, you might think it is worth selling the space station for some hefty credits. Well, according to other players, that might be the wisest decision to make.

Somehow managed to purchase the key… was able to move parts around in the ship builder. Not really flyable but managed to land it on a planet.
byu/VeganSatan666420 inStarfield

“Do not sell it. I sold The Den thinking that would somehow fix the bug, and The Den is now gone,” claims ‘DeliriousDal’ in response to this bizarre set of circumstances. The original poster can also be seen tweaking The Key however they please in the Starfield ship customization options menu. It looks utterly ridiculous and we kind of love it, to be honest.

Even with a few obstacles to consider when maintaining The Eye, Starfield players are just bewildered that this is possible. “I don’t think anything can top this… the guy owns and moved around an entire fucking main faction base, I’m speechless,” expresses ‘SerifGrey‘. However, some are questioning how this was possible, chalking it up to manipulation of the game itself. Redditor ‘ComManDerBG’ theorizes that “OP probably just used console commands and is trying to pass it off as some crazy thing for karma.”

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Console commands or bug, it can at least be taken as indiciator that further Starfield DLC or mods may allow players to do this on a more official basis in the future.

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