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New Starfield release date info appears on Xbox Game Pass signup page

Someone has spotted new Starfield release date information in a disclaimer on the Xbox Game Pass store, which now says Starfield is "expected early 2023"

Starfield release date Xbox Game Pass: A space ship with a blue jet trail flies past a planet

New information around the Starfield release date has been spotted which potentially narrows down the window for when we can expect Bethesda’s space-bound RPG to launch.

After Starfield’s initial release date (which was planned to be November 11, 2022) was axed by Bethesda in order to add more “polish” to the game, it was pushed back to a much wider release window of “the first half of 2023”. However, as spotted by eagle-eyed Redditor ‘ganndalf’, the signup page for Xbox Game Pass includes a small disclaimer at the bottom around Starfield’s release date, with different wording.

The disclaimer reads: “Starfield: expected early 2023”. While this is still ambiguous, there is a distinct difference in wording here, with many interpreting “early” to mean the first quarter of the year. As always with these kinds of things, it is all down to semantics, and this doesn’t get us much closer to knowing exactly when Starfield will drop. But if this change of wording is intentional, it does suggest that Bethesda’s polishing has been coming along nicely.

Starfield was one of this year’s most highly-anticipated new releases, but suffered a similar fate to a handful of other blockbusters that were anticipated to release in 2022 getting pushed into 2023 instead.

If you were one of those intrepid space explorers crushed by the news that Starfield was getting delayed, check out this fan-made Starfield trailer which will should help ease the painful waiting game.