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This easily missed Starfield quest is perfect for Batman fans

Everyone needs a hero, even in space. This Starfield quest is easy to miss but if you want to become a vigilante like Batman, this mission is a start.

Starfield Mantis Quest Batman DC Comics

The possibilities are seemingly endless Starfield. It’s up to you to craft your own space adventure, and one of those journeys could be taking up the mantle of a long-forgotten superhero. It might be early to call the Bethesda RPG one of the best RPG games, but this Starfield quest will impress Batman fanatics and players looking to map out the best Starfield builds.

Now there is a slight caveat for beginning the Mantis quest in Starfield: it doesn’t have a location for you to start it. You can get lucky though by looting and killing Spacers around the galaxy if you want to get your hands dirty. However, it can appear while doing quests such as ‘The Old Neighbourhood’ and ‘Back to Vectera’. The latter quest can be started after completing ‘One Small Step’, which will be your main quest very early on. Back to Vectera appears later on as Starfield world begins to open up.

What you’re looking for is a date slate with the caption ‘Secret Outpost’. The slate will advise you to visit Denebola I-B in the Denebola system, which is home to a mysterious compound. You’ll be facing enemies that are around level 25 here, plus armed robots. Oh, and you’ll need to get warmed up for some light puzzle-solving. Our friends at PCGamesN have got you covered when it comes to the Starfield Mantis puzzle.

Doing so will eventually take you into a Batcave-style base, once home to the space superhero the Mantis.

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Courtesy of ‘Legacy Gaming’, you can see this quest unfold and just how powerful the enemies are that you’ll be facing. It is worth it, though, as the armor and ship you can acquire are both up in the Legendary tier. It turns out there is actually a lineage of heroes under the Mantis mantle, passing the torch down through generations. All this juicy lore can be discovered around the base through data slates and more.

The Mantis armor will give out statistical bonuses randomly, so every player gets a different buff to experiment with. If you’re eager to keep saving up your credits then getting one of the best Starfield armor sets for free isn’t an opportunity to pass up.

Starfield mantis armor

The Mantis’s ship is easily one of the best to use in its default configuration, or you can experiment with Starfield ship customization to make it your own. That’s all there is to complete the Mantis quest – a very clear nod to DC’s own Dark Knight. You could enhance the Batman fantasy further by changing your name to ‘Bruce’, which is one of the Starfield names can VASCO can say.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.