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Starfield exploit turns this small puddle into a free loot hotspot

There's so much Starfield loot out there to grab, but if you want to revel in the riches quicker, this exploit can top up your Starfield inventory quickly.

Starfield free loot free credits money

Some of us are space cowboys, some of us space truckers in Starfield. At the end of the galactic day, we all need to get our share of precious Starfield loot, no matter which one of the Starfield Factions you belong to. You can spend time refining your Starfield skills, if you want to, or you can use a strange trick to gather heaps of valuables fast.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Jamie Moran highlights this odd Starfield exploit, which allows the player to loot everything that the Akila City store Shepherds contains. Forget about clipping under the map like with the previous New Atlantis glitch. All you need here is a little precison, as all you need to do is stare at a puddle correctly, and you can net yourself a hefty haul of goodies.

“Look in a puddle in front of the store, Shepherds. You can get all the store’s inventory for free,” the Starfield player claims on social media. Showcasing the looting trick in a video, Moran notes that you should
“wait for 24 hours and do it all over again.” You can do that by finding the nearest bed or even a bench nearby.

What makes this method all the more hilarious is that you can even your stolen goods back to the store. Starfield stores often reset their loot after you’ve waited a considerable amount of time, so it is worthwhile checking back in at Shepherds to see what new additions are available to purchase. We recommend waiting at least 48 hours Universal Time, as opposed to the advised 24 hours Local Time, just to be sure.

You’ll be able to put the credits gained from your looting to good use in no time, so why not invest in some of the best Starfield weapons the galactic frontier has to offer. Or, you know, you could pay off that Starfield bounty that is likely on your head.

Starfield free loot akila city

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