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Starfield age rating signals space skooma antics for Xbox astronauts

As Bethesda and Microsoft gear up for the Starfield Direct showcase in June, the upcoming space RPG gets an age rating that teases some of Starfield's world.

Starfield astronaut on Xbox

Charge up your Xbox controllers and prepare for ignition soon, as we draw closer to the upcoming Starfield Direct showcase. Before we get a new glimpse at the forthcoming space RPG from Bethesda, an official Starfield age rating is now out there for fans to get a glimpse of. Just like the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises before it, it seems that Starfield players will be getting up to all manner of intergalactic shenanigans across their adventures.

Over on the official Starfield Twitter account, the profile page’s banner showcases a brand new design that advertises the upcoming Starfield Direct showcase set to take place in June. Accompanying the dazzling artwork that we’ve scoured over for clues for months, the banner also displays a newly unveiled age rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Sporting an “M for Mature” age rating for the United States and Canada, the 17+ indicator details that players can expect the following aspects to be present in Starfield:

  • Violence
  • Blood
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Strong Language
  • Use of Drugs

While a rating from the Pan-European Game Information board is yet to be specified, speculatively Starfield may fall under the 16 or 18 age ratings due to its inclusion of narcotics. It is unknown how violent Starfield will be at this point, but with particularly gnarly gore present in the Fallout franchise, there is a chance that we could be ripping and tearing our way across the galaxy.

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Aside from astronaut violence, it appears that the Starfield release date will also yield some similar scenarios to The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim, which included the fictitious substance Skooma. An illegal item present within the world of Skyrim, Skooma brought about its own reputation with the game’s community through a series of popular memes often associated with the creatures known as the Khajiit.

If you were looking for some decidedly risque activities in Starfield, then you might be disappointed as Bethesda doesn’t seem to be giving Cyberpunk 2077 a run for its money in that department.

The anticipation for Starfield is growing every day and Bethesda is beginning to trickle more goodies, specifically in the form of Starfield merchandise that could take your drip to astronomical levels. To keep yourself occupied until the game arrives, check out the Xbox Game Pass May 2023 games roster for a new adventure.