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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim locations

Get an overview of all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim locations so you can fully heal up Cal during intense long fights, and while traversing the planets.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim Locations: Cal and BD-1 can be seen

As with Fallen Order, in Respawn’s latest Star Wars game there are a number of Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim locations for you to find across each of the game’s planets. These, like the first game, are found in special golden chests and are often tucked away in hard-to-reach areas.

But, to help you out and ensure your survival, we have all of them below from our Star Wars Jedi Survivor review playthrough, with details on where you need to go and what planets they are on. Some are harder to find than others, and you will need to progress through the Star Wars Jedi Survivor chapters to be able to get them all.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim locations

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim locations are:

  • Undercity Meats – Coruscant
  • Rambler’s Reach, Doma’s Shop – Koboh
  • Basalt Rift – Koboh
  • Foothill Falls – Koboh
  • Shattered Hollow – Jedha
  • Crypt of Uhrma – Jedha
  • Assembly Staging – Shattered Moon
  • Viscid Bog – Koboh
  • Derelict Dam – Koboh
  • Observatory Understructure – Koboh
  • Boiling Bluffs, Chamber of Clarity – Koboh

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim Locations: The Stim location can be seen on the map

Undercity Meats – Coruscant

Just past the Undercity Meats Meditation Point, you will be able to jump up to a raised platform. Here you can find a droid which you will need to defeat and a chest with the Stim in it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim Locations: The door in Doma's Shop can be seen

Rambler’s Reach, Doma’s Shop – Koboh

After you progress through the story and defeat Zeik, you will head into Pyloon’s Saloon and Doma’s Shop will open. Head inside and purchase the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Mysterious Keycode. This will allow you to open the door in Doma’s Shop, behind it is a chest with a Stim Canister.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim Locations: The Stim location can be seen on the map


Basalt Rift – Koboh

As you make your way through Koboh, you will come across a Jedi Chamber in the Basalt Rifle. Opposite it you can find a creature to kill. Use the walls to wall run up to the cliff above it and instead of heading up the hill take a right down to the cliff. Here you can find a chest with another Stim.

Foothill Falls – Koboh

For this Stim, head back to the Foothill Falls and make your way past the pond where you met Skoova. Fly across the gap using the mount and head to the shack. Call a Nekko and use the boosted jump to reach the wall run up to the cliff. Jump to the other side using the bars and have BD-1 slice the terminal.

Grab the exploding mine that spawns and then throw it into the hole in the shack below you. In here, behind the now destroyed door is the Stim.

Shattered Hollow – Jedha

After Cal and Merrin hide out in the cave during the storm, you will both walk down a cave and the Stim chest will be on your left. It is virtually impossible to miss.

Crypt of Uhrma – Jedha

When you pass through the crypt in the main story, you can find a pillar puzzle on a wall, which requires using Force Push and Force Pull. The solution for this puzzle is to pull out the outer left and right pillars on the top row and the inner left and right pillars on the bottom row. The rest can stay flush against the wall. Behind here is the Stim location.

Assembly Staging – Shattered Moon

At the Automated Forge Meditation Point, head through the yellow door and ride the zipline up. Take a right and eventually you will see a spot where you can climb beneath the platform. The edge has blue lights. Shimmy along the pipes and buildings here, jumping up and wall running.

Grab the zipline and then drop down to the platform beneath you. Do not ride it to the end. Grapple up and use the zipline to get to the platform with the chest. Double jump over the exposed electricity, however.

Viscid Bog – Koboh

This Stim can only be accessed after you have obtained Force Lift and explored the Lucrehulk. Head to the Meditation Point with the same name, using Star Wars Jedi Survivor fast travel. Use the zipline and then your grapple to swing from the bars and towards the stone you can life using Force Lift. Head to the cliff and then raise each one jumping from one to the other.

Here you will find a challenging boss encounter, but defeating them will get you the Stim.

Derelict Dam – Koboh

At the Derelict Dam Meditation Point, spawn in and run forward towards where the exploding mine is. Let it follow you over to where the lift is near the prospector. By the workbench here you can see a destroyable wall in the cliffside. Pick up the mine and use Force Push to chuck it at the wall.

Follow the path and climb the rope, using Force Lift on the gate. Defeat the Forocco Matriarch and then pick up the Stim from the chest.

Observatory Understructure – Koboh

This is likely the last Stim in the game you will find as it takes place just before you need to beat Dagan Gera in Star Wars Jedi Survivor for the third time. Use the rope shortcut by the point to jump up to the higher level and jump to the platform with the central structure. Head to the right and use BD-1’s Electro Dart to move the wall down and wall run on top of the building ahead.

Move the wall again and run along it to the next wall. As this spins, jump to the rotating wall on the ship and climb up. Jump back to the central structure where some enemies are and use your grapple to jump further up. Head through the small gap in the door and throw the grapple point out. Grapple to it and then look above where you just where to find the Stim.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim Locations: The entrance to the chamber can be seen

Boiling Bluffs, Chamber of Clarity – Koboh

This one is a little different, unlike the rest of the Stim Locations, heading to this chamber doesn’t actually give you a Stim. Instead, it will give you the Fellowship perk, one of the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor perks. This will give Cal an extra Stim, allowing you to hold one extra.

If you want to find out how to complete the chamber and get the rest of the stims check out the video below from ‘The Star Bazaar’.

YouTube Thumbnail

We will be updating this guide with additional Stims and map images over the coming days as we find them, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates as you explore the later Star Wars Jedi Survivor planets.

With all of the Stim locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can begin taking on some of the more challenging fights in the game, be it end-game Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses or other secrets. You can find tips on those and more in our Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough article.