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Incredible Jedi Survivor no-hit speedrun took 170 hours to perfect

The first Star Wars Jedi Survivor no-damage speedrun on Jedi Grandmaster difficulty is done and it took one talented Twitch streamer over a week to prepare for.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor speedrun first no damage Jedi Grandmaster: an image of Cal Kestis looking shocked from the RPG

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi Survivor isn’t an easy game by a long shot, but one Jedi Fallen Order record-holder has already completed an impressive no damage speedrun on Jedi Grandmaster, the game’s hardest difficulty, and it took them a staggering 170 hours in attempts. We know you could argue that Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the best games of all time, but spending that amount of times mastering it takes real dedication – and a lot of skill.

After spending over 3,000 hours with Jedi Fallen Order, talented speed-runner and content creator Hayete Bahadori has revealed that they finished an any% no damage run of Jedi Survivor on Jedi Grandmaster after reportedly spending over seven full days playing the game. As they explain in this Reddit post, that means their health couldn’t fall below 100% – “other than the unavoidable Force Pull damage” in certain boss battles and “at no time during the run were restarts or reloads allowed if damage was taken”.

As someone who completed the world’s first no damage Jedi Grandmaster 100% completion speedrun of Jedi Fallen Order, it’s safe to say that Hayete was prepared going into Jedi Survivor. However, we don’t think anyone expected them to complete a no-damage run quite this quickly; the game itself only came out around 20 days ago, after all.

If you’re wondering what their take-aways from this experience were, you might be interested to learn that Hayete has declated that one of the best skills to purchase in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the Blaster stance skill Quick Draw. Describing it as “absolutely the most broken and overpowered ability in the game”, they believe that the fact that it only uses up one ammo charge per use – and that it doesn’t actually use any Force energy – makes it well worth exploiting.

They have also highlighted the hidden “stealth” mechanic that means you can catch enemies off-guard from behind – “as long as you’re not sprinting”, of course – and the fact that companion characters will only engage in combat “within a certain distance” of Cal – something you can use to your advantage if you position yourself correctly.

If you’re looking to attempt this sort of run for yourself, Hayete has actually uploaded their entire run – in full – online with education commentary.

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It took them seven hours and 39 minutes, so it isn’t going to be a short watch. However, this will be invaluable to anyone who’s stuck at any point. You can beat Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s toughest boss without attacking, too – but this is for an any% run so you might want to avoid that. We know that this is a bit of a long watch, but right from the off, there are some fantastic tips and tricks specific to each area of Jedi Survivor that you should check out.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the best PS5 Star Wars games and best Xbox Star Wars games, even if it does abandon one of our favourite Jedi Fallen Order features. If you’re a fan of A Galaxy Far, Far Away and you’re looking to play one of the best RPG games released recently, Hayete’s speedrun will help you get started.