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Star Wars Jedi Survivor file size grows bigger with surprise addition

Star Wars fan may be aware of the hefty Star Wars Jedi Survivor file size, but the Fallen Orden sequel will require even more space on your PS5 than you think.

Cal Kestis viewing a hologram message in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

One of the greatest pains that comes with owning a PS5 or Xbox is choosing what games to free up storage space for. Well, if you’re looking to play Star Wars Jedi Survivor on launch, you’d be wise to free up as much memory as you can. The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order sequel from developer Respawn Entertainment isn’t hesitating to dominate your console, and now the Star Wars Jedi Survivor file size has grown even bigger. Prepare yourselves.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor file size is 147 GB for PlayStation 5, according to the PSN tracking account ‘PlayStation Game Size‘. 

Additionally, Xbox Series X|S players will need 140 GB free on their console to store the new Star Wars game.

Alongside these chunky console file sizes, things are even worse for PC players. The game needs a whopping 155 GB of storage space as part of the Jedi Survivor system requirements on PC.

With the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date almost within grasp, bringing players into a new era for your new favourite Jedi Knight, Cal Kestis. As the game will be hitting shelves imminently, physical copies of the game are beginning to appear in the wild, bearing a requirement that could give pause to players struggling to delete games on their system.

Copies of the game indicate “download require” on their covers, signposting that Star Wars Jedi Survivor could need additional files before players enjoy Cal’s latest adventure.

Making a day-one patch available is commonplace for titles of this magnitude, but it is possible that Jedi Survivor could be devised in a similar fashion to that of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – which requires different packs to be installed before the campaign, multiplayer, and Warzone 2 could be accessed. Fortunately, Jedi Survivor doesn’t contain any extra modes in the vein of multiplayer to consume more space.

‘Download Required’ for Physical Release? Source Mighty Ape NZ
by u/NightwingXII in FallenOrder

It is unknown presently how big the additional download will be for Jedi Survivor, but we can speculate that a day-one patch may range between 5 GB to 10 GB depending on the purpose of the patch itself. Pre-order the game today, so you’re ready for it at launch:

There is plenty to catch up on with Star Wars Jedi Survivor before you get downloading, though. The Loadout recently attended a preview of the game in Los Angeles, in which we spent around four hours exploring the beautiful landscape of Koboh. Don’t hesitate to read our Star Wars Jedi Survivor preview to discover more about Cal’s next outing. Cal himself has changed a fair bit since we last saw him, and we don’t mean his sharp new haircut. Respawn Entertainment tells The Loadout all about making Cal a bonafide badass in our Star Wars Jedi Survivor developer interview.