Star Wars Jedi Survivor lets you recreate this iconic Jedi Knight

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor customisation menu can turn Cal Kestis into another Jedi Knight on PS5 and Xbox, loved by many in Star Wars lore.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor cal kestis customisation kyle katarn

There are more than just ponchos up for grabs in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, as the latest Star Wars game from Respawn Entertainment unleashes a fresh customisation suite to explore. You might opt to turn Cal Kestis into a mullet-adorned, handlebar moustache badass. Or, if you want to go in another direction, you can use the Star Wars Jedi Survivor customisation options to forge the appearance of another beloved Jedi Knight in Star Wars lore.

Showcasing their awesome creation to fellow Star Wars Jedi Survivor players on the Fallen Order subreddit, Redditor ‘NotJustJason98’ proudly and simply states that “Cal Katarn” is ready to put an end to the Empire’s forces. Out of all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor stances to master, the Redditor opts to use the very fun Blaster stance in an array of Photo Mode captures of their tribute to the Jedi Knight. The outfit choice is based off of the Star Wars Expanded Universe character Kyle Katarn, who has appeared in numerous books and games over the years.

The beloved Jedi Knight has appeared in five Star Wars games within the Jedi Knight series, notably the games Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Originally part of the Galactic Empire, Katarn later abandoned them to become a mercenary, often working with the Rebel Alliance. Later down the line, Katarn would become a member of the New Republic, teaching a new generation of Jedi.

Cal Katarn
by u/NotJustJason98 in FallenOrder

However, with the purchase of LucasFilm’s assets by Disney in 2014, characters like Kyle Katarn and many others were made officially non-canon to the mainline Star Wars series of movies, TV shows, and books. Although the character has been seen since in mobile games like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars: The Card Game.

“This and the Dash Rendar set (Outrider) make me so happy,” says Redditor ‘cathulhu319‘ about the Kyle Katarn tribute. Dash Rendar is a smuggler and freelancer in the Star Wars universe, with the Outrider outfit choice noting his aesthetic. Another Star Wars fan, ‘douchewaffle95’, adds that they have “been rolling around as Kyle Katarn since the first visit to Koboh! Not that I’m not dealing with crashes every 20 minutes, [the] game is wonderful!”

The Kyle Kataran outfit isn’t the only way to pay your dues to the Jedi Order. If you’re wondering how to get the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi Robes, we’ve got you covered on that one. Be sure to pair it with the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor skills, too.