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Halo-meets-Portal shooter Splitgate drops first look at its UE5 sequel

The new Splitgate sequel teaser takes us through the shooter’s Hall of Fame, passing the torch to 1047’s next game on PS5 and Xbox.

Splitgate sequel teaser: a woman wearing a blue and white outfit next to a first-person POV of the Splitgate maps

Portal-popping FPS Splitgate has been on life support for the best part of two years now, but developer 1047 Games may have given us a first glimpse of its Halo-esque sequel on PS5 and Xbox. What’s more, both games could be supported simultaneously.

During the May 2 Splitty Awards, the studio aired a new teaser for its next FPS game. Captioned “say goodbye to Splitgate,” the 47-second clip treats us to a tour through the Splitgate Hall of Fame. Most interestingly, the graphical fidelity here is incredibly high, indicating we’re actually getting a sneak peek of Splitgate’s long-awaited Unreal Engine 5 sequel. This is somewhat confirmed at the back end of the teaser, as the character extends their arm and cracks open a portal.

Based on the caption, it sounds like the original game is finally having its ventilator switched off to make way for its successor – rest in peace. However, this isn’t actually the case. When asked on Twitter if Splitgate’s shutting down, 1047 responds with a resounding “no.” As such, the two will seemingly operate side-by-side – presumably to offer last-gen players a way to continue enjoying the series.

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I remember spending plenty of time with Splitgate ahead of the launch of Halo Infinite – it was, after all, used by many to bridge the gap until 343’s latest Master Chief-shaped hit landed. However, Infinite had a litany of issues at launch, and so I found myself returning to 1047’s offering, cap in hand.

Unfortunately, it never really reached its final form. Active development ended in September 2022 as the devs turned their attention to its next portal shooter – this time powered by UE5. With that being said, Splitgate is still a fantastic free shooting game, and you should absolutely give it a whirl if you’re in the market for a unique pew pew experience.

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