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Splitgate now has a CS:GO surf map

It seems like Splitgate's Beta Season 1 map creator is paying off - especially for fans of CSGO

red versus blue splitgate gameplay

Surf maps – custom games where you slide around crazy courses with little gravity – were popularised by the Counter-Strike series many moons ago, but now one has appeared in Splitgate.

Using the newly implemented map creator introduced in Splitgate’s Beta Season 1, Reddit user ‘Dalyn-f’ has managed to create their own version of Counter-Strike’s famous surf mode within Splitgate, as shown by the Reddit post below.

The video depicts the player standing on a platform high above the ground, and then creating two portals in true Splitgate style – one high up near the start of the course, and one below. They then jump into the portal below so that they are able to shoot themselves out of the portal above with great momentum and onto the surf track itself.

The surf course is made up of what appears to be many panels of metal flooring floating in the air and placed almost perpendicular to the level’s floor. These panels have each been placed end-to-end and spiral downwards like helter skelter. The video shows Dalyn-f completing the short course, even navigating a right-angled kink.

It should be noted, however, that the player does use a jetpack to help maintain their altitude as there is currently no way to turn off gravity in the map creator. “Sick. Now disable the jetpack, add some more portal spots, and make the floor lava,” comments ‘beefNoodles1047,’ a member of the Splitgate development team.

Dalyn-f is hard at work on making more maps inspired by CS:GO surf and perfecting their craft, something they make clear in the Reddit thread. “I wanna change the gravity and that should make it way easier and smoother. Working on a course right now with portals and spots you gotta hit quick while moving like races.”

1047 Games CEO Ian Proulx has previously stated his desire to develop Splitgate alongside the community, and with Beta Season 1’s changes only just recently releasing, we could very well see more support for community-made game modes in future updates.