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Splinter Cell remake release date rumours, gameplay, and more

Want to know everything about the Splinter Cell remake release date and more? We have the latest information and updates from Ubisoft.

Splinter Cell Remake Release Date: Sam Fisher can be seen in a stylised piece of art for Splinter Cell.

When is the Splinter Cell remake release date? After years of fans clamoring for a new game and Ubisoft putting Sam Fisher in anything but a new Splinter Cell, the publisher has announced it is developing a Splinter Cell remake, which will stay true to the linear roots of the game.

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and from the team behind the recent Far Cry 6, the game was announced seemingly out of the blue at the end of 2021 with a developer deep dive talking about the roots of the game and the plan for this remake. Details around the Splinter Cell remake are not plentiful right now; however, some key details have been revealed, including that it is indeed a remake and how the team is planning to bring Sam Fisher out of the shadows.

Splinter Cell remake release date speculation

The Splinter Cell remake doesn’t have a release date, but it is expected to be released in 2025 or 2026 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Ubisoft Toronto only began working on it in 2022, so the game still has a lot of development time left.

The lack of information about the game, its sudden announcement, and the short length of the teaser all suggest that the game is still very early in development. As such, you shouldn’t expect to play it anytime soon.

Splinter Cell remake platforms

No platforms have been announced for the Splinter Cell Remake yet, but it will almost certainly be a new-generation-only game, released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Splinter Cell Remake gameplay

We haven’t seen any Splinter Cell Remake gameplay yet and given that it is likely years away, we probably won’t see anything from the game for a few years.

A good window for the first look at the game seems like sometime in 2023, once development has properly geared up.

Splinter Cell Remake changes

Ubisoft hasn’t delved into what changes or enhancements they are planning for the Splinter Cell Remake. However, in their announcement, they touch on the original’s use of light and shadow, so we can expect some next-gen lighting, shadows, and possibly even Ray-Tracing.

As for the gameplay, the game will remain linear, and as far as we know right now very little will be changed when it comes to stealth and combat.

That covers everything we know about Ubisoft’s remake ahead of the Splinter Cell Remake release date. For more on upcoming games, check out our upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games to play.