Splatoon 3 is getting a completely bonkers pre-release Splatfest

Splatfests are returning in Splatoon 3, and you'll be able to dive into the first one before the game even comes out, Nintendo has revealed

Splatoon 3 Splatfest: Blue and yellow paint covers a battlefield in Splatoon 3

Splatfests will be returning to Splatoon 3, and Nintendo is wasting no time in hosting the game’s first limited-time event. In fact, it’s so quick to get Splatfests up and rolling, that the first one will go live before the Splatoon 3 release date. Yes, you heard that right.

Before Splatoon 3 fully releases, fans of the series will be able to dive into a free pre-release Splatfest which begins on August 27, roughly two weeks before the full game goes live. This pre-release Splatfest will be themed around Rock, Paper, Scissors, so there will be three different teams to choose from.

Players will be able to download the demo (and pick their team for the Splatfest) from August 16. On August 25, some of the game’s modes will open up for players to try, letting you get some practice in. And then on August 27, the first Splatoon 3 Splatfest will kick off.

Splatfests will also take on a very different structure compared to the previous game. For the first half of the event, you will face off in the traditional 4v4 battles we have seen before. But, midway through the Splatfest, the mode will then shift to the new Tricolour Turf War.

Tricolour Turf War is essentially a 4v2v2 mode. Four players from the top-ranked team during the event will be placed in the centre of a map, with the objective of keeping control of that area. They will then be attacked on two fronts. Two duos from the remaining two teams will look to overthrow the four-person team in the centre to try and win. Sound confusing? It is. But that’s part of the appeal of Splatoon, right?

So make sure all of those Splatoon 3 demo and Splatfest dates are in your diaries, because there’s plenty to look forward to ahead of the full release.

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