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SoulCalibur remasters a possibility for Xbox players, leaks claim

Fighting game franchise SoulCalibur could join the remaster trend, as developer Bandai Namco is allegedly planning new SoulCalibur remasters with Xbox in mind.

Female fighter from SoulCalibur IV on PlayStation 4

If you’ve been pining for a new SoulCalibur game, then you might be in luck. The popular Bandai Namco fighting game franchise has been absent since 2018, but fans may get the chance to revisit classic SoulCalibur games with a new coat of next-gen paint. New SoulCalibur leaks claim that the franchise is making a return and it could be particularly great for those with an Xbox Series X|S console.

In a recent episode of the Xbox Era Podcast, co-host Nick “Shepshal Nick” Baker speaks on the status of the SoulCalibur franchise, explaining that “we all like SoulCalibur […] and we all love remasters right […] so that’s what I’ve heard, what my source wasn’t clear on was is whether we’re just getting the original SoulCalibur remastered or if they’re doing a remaster collection of games.” However, Nick cautions that his source doesn’t clarify what games would be included in the alleged remaster collection.

“If you’re remastering [SoulCalibur] 1, 2, 3, how far you go? [Do] you know what I mean? Because we’re up to SoulCalibur 6 now […] you would think a remaster collection would be 1-4,” speculates the Xbox Era Podcast co-host. They also add that they believe the SoulCalibur remasters, whatever form they may take, will have an “Xbox Game Pass deal” in the works for them too.

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Presently the development status of the proposed SoulCalibur remaster[s] is unknown, but with fighting genre fans expecting rival titles in the form of Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6 to appear soon, it’d be a prime time for the SoulCalibur franchise to make a return.

The last entry in the franchise, SoulCalibur 6, was released in 2018. SoulCalibur 6 kept many of the franchise’s familiar features such as guard impact but added new features such as reversal edge and the soul charge mechanic. It also proved to be a hit with players with a penchant for customisation, as the game spawned hundreds of incredible fanmade characters ranging from Marvel’s Thanos to the spectacular Ben Swolo meme.

While the supposed SoulCalibur remasters gain traction behind the scenes, we recommend keeping your calendar updated with the Tekken 8 release date to provide your next fix of fighting goodness. Alternatively, the Street Fighter 6 release date is a must-know date for fans eager to see the reappearance of Ryu and Chun-Li.