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Sniper Elite 5 weapons - every gun in your arsenal

A vast array of Sniper Elite 5 weapons are available for you to use in both the single-player camapign and multiplayer mode. Here is every one

Sniper Elite 5 Weapons: Karl can be seen aiming a gun at a soldier's head from behind

Despite the series’ name, there is more to Sniper Elite than just sniper rifles and Sniper Elite 5 has a large number of weapons for you to use. These Sniper Elite 5 weapons range from pistols for stealth kills or SMGs and assault rifles you can equip as a backup. And, within each category there are multiple to choose from, usually around a half-a-dozen or so.

The game even has an expanded mod system that lets you customise these weapons to better fit your playstyle. However, the core weapons and their strengths don’t change too much with mods. Although having them equipped is a nice buff to your sniper rifle’s range or your pistol’s damage.

Below, you can find a list of all the Sniper Elite 5 weapons that you can unlock throughout the game, including the various sniper rifles and secondary weapons that can help you out in a fight.

Sniper Elite 5 weapons

Sniper Elite 5 has 18 different weapons for you to equip, split into primary weapons, secondary weapons, and pistols. The weapons are as follows:

Sniper Elite 5 Weapons: The M.1903 sniper rifle can be seen in the menu.

Sniper Elite 5 Primary Weapons

The primary weapons in Sniper Elite 5 will be the main weapon you use. It will be used to kill the majority of enemies at a distance as most of them are long-range sniper rifles. The full list of Sniper Elite 5 primary weapons is as follows:

  • M.1903
  • SREM-1
  • Gewehr 1943
  • Karabiner 98
  • M1A Carbine
  • RSC 1918

Sniper Elite 5 Weapons: The M1A1 Gov. can be seen in the menu

Sniper Elite 5 Secondary Weapons

The secondary weapons in Sniper Elite 5 are mostly SMGs, alongside a few longer-range rifles. These are used when you engage in close quarters combat or are caught off guard by a patrolling enemy. The list of Sniper Elite 5 secondary weapons is as follows:

  • M1A1 Gov.
  • Wellgun SMG
  • Machine PIST.40
  • Machine Pist.44
  • Stengun MK2
  • Type 100

Sniper Elite 5 Weapons: The Welrod pistol can be seen in the menu

Sniper Elite 5 Pistols

Pistols are your last resort in open combat. However, their real strength comes with approaching enemies from stealth. A silenced pistol is a trusty tool and can help you clear levels without dealing with too much resistance. The extended list of Sniper Elite 5 pistols is as follows:

  • M1911
  • Welrod
  • Mk VI Revolver
  • Model D
  • Pistole 08
  • Type 14 Nambu

That covers all the Sniper Elite 5 weapons in the game. For more on the game, check out an overview of the Sniper Elite 5 skill tree and the full Sniper Elite 5 mission list.