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Sniper Elite 5 mission list

Looking for an overview of the Sniper Elite 5 mission list? Here is all the missions that are a part of the main story, as well as included as DLC

Sniper Elite 5 Mission List: Karl can be seen crouching behind a wall hiding from a tank.

Sniper Elite 5 is a rare linear adventure in a market filled with open-world adventures for you to lose time in. But, the Sniper Elite 5 mission list is a lot more condensed thanks to the game’s linearity. There are side objectives in the game, but there are only nine core missions in the Sniper Elite 5 mission list.

However, those who have access to the Season Pass do have access to additional missions and will in the coming months. This will expand the Sniper Elite 5 mission list as time goes on. However, those core missions for the campaign will stay at nine, with DLC missions being optional extras.

Below, you can find a list of those core missions and DLC missions, so you know how many there are in total in the game and the names of each of the missions.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission List

The full Sniper Elite mission list consists of 10 missions. These are split into nine main campaign missions and one DLC mission.

  • The Atlantic Wall
  • Occupied Residence
  • Spy Academy
  • War Factory
  • Festung – Guernesey
  • Libération
  • Secret Weapons
  • Rubble And Ruin
  • Loose Ends
  • Wolf Mountain (DLC)

That covers the full Sniper Elite 5 mission list. For more on the game, check out our thoughts in our Sniper Elite 5 review and the length of Sniper Elite 5.