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Silent Hill f release date speculation, story, developers, and more

Get the latest information and detials on the upcoming next mainline game in the Silent Hill series ahead of the Silent Hill f release date .

Silent Hill F release date: A figure with flowers on her head can be seen

When is the Silent Hill f release date? Alongside announcing a brand new type of Silent Hill experience and a remake of Silent Hill 2, Konami lifted the lid on its next mainline Silent Hill game back in 2022. This game, currently known as Silent Hill f is set to introduce a Japanese influence into the series. But what can you expect?

The game signals a new frontier for the series, delivering into the Japanese setting and offering a new style of horror. But, will Silent Hill f make it onto our best PS5 horror games list? We’d be surprised if it didn’t when it comes out.

Silent Hill f release date speculation

We expect Silent Hill f to release in 2025 at the earliest, with the game ending the Silent Hill Transmission in October 2022 and only showcased a brief CGI trailer. Silent Hill f is likely still in early development. 

That is speculation on our part and we will likely have to wait a long time until we see more from the game as it is the project that is furthest away.

Silent Hill f story

As we have only seen a brief teaser trailer, details on the story and setting of Silent Hill f are very light but it is set in 1960s Japan. But, as mentioned above, the game will be bringing a Japanese influence to the series and the details match some information leaked previously of a project codenamed Sakura.

In the trailer, we even see some of that Japanese influence with a heavy focus on flowers and flower-based body horror.

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Silent Hill f developers

Silent Hill f is being developed by Neobards Entertainment. The team previously worked on the Resident Evil multiplayer spinoffs, including Resident Evil Resistance and Resident Evil Re:Verse.

The story is also being written by Ryūkishi07, the pen name of the leading Japanese writer famed for “Japanese visual novels dealing with murder mysteries, psychological and supernatural horror”, according to Konami.

And that is all the information we have on Silent Hill f right now. We will keep this guide updated when and if we hear more, but as we said, that is likely to be a long-time away. So, for now, why not stay updated on everything else going on with the series ahead of the Silent Hill 2 remake release date and the Silent Hill Townfall release date?