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Silent Hill 2 release date rumours cut through the fog with new update

Survival horror game fans are looking toward the Silent Hill 2 release date, and now, Silent Hill 2 remake release window rumours are starting to emerge.

James Sunderland in the sIlent hill 2 remake

Following the release of acclaimed remakes in the form of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4, survival horror players are hoping that developer Bloober Team can make a trifecta with its Silent Hill 2 remake. Based on the universally loved Konami horror game, the Silent Hill 2 release date still remains shrouded like the town’s fog. However, following a statement from the developer, a recent listing of the game could indicate a more definitive update is coming.

In a recent statement from Silent Hill 2 remake developer Bloober Team, they clarify that “some recent statements have been taken out of context, due to inaccurate translations.” Speaking about the status of its portfolio, Bloober Team says that “our company’s messages did not contain sales forecasters of specific titles. The figures connected to Silent Hill 2 refer to the potential success of the type of games we will be focusing on in the future.” Crucially, the developer affirms that “it is also not true that we have announced that Silent Hill 2 is ready for release.”

At this moment in time, Bloober Team states that “all of our activities are focused on obtaining the highest quality for the finished product—the quality that fans of Silent Hill 2 deserve. We are aware that players are waiting for more information about Silent Hill 2. As soon as such information becomes available, we are sure that Konami, the publisher of the game, will share it with fans.”

The Silent Hill 2 remake release date continues to ignite fan debate, though, despite Bloober Team’s comments, a more defined release window could emerge soon.

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Twitter user ‘AestheticGamer’ reports that “the Silent Hill 2 [Steam] Store Page updated about 3 hours ago, and publicly went from ‘TBA’ to ‘Coming Soon’.” Furthermore, the Silent Hill 2 fan claims that “Steam sometimes does mass auto-updates to store pages, but this was an internal Silent Hill 2 pushed update by whoever’s in charge of the store page.”

“They might have just updated it to say ‘Coming Soon’ from TBA as the public displayed message, but they also might have inputted a release date, as ‘Coming Soon’ is the default cover-up message for release dates,” they allege in a further tweet. The Silent Hill 2 remake was revealed just over five months ago, but development on the title purportedly began back in 2021 when Bloober Team inked a deal with publisher Konami to collaborate.

Nevertheless, the Silent Hill 2 remake is a highly anticipated game, joining the impressive lineup of upcoming PS5 games for 2023 and even later down the line. Who knows, it might even become one of the best PS5 horror games. We’ll have to wait and see, though.