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Sifu max age - at what age do you have to restart?

Want to know what the max age in Sifu? Well, here is the answer, along with some more information about what happens when you exceed the maximum age

Sifu Max Age: The protagonist can be seen in key art for Sifu

Sifu‘s big unique selling point when it comes to a brawler is its ageing mechanic, which determines how much health you have and how much damage you can deal with. This ageing mechanic has a whole load of intricacies as to how it works, so it can be hard to get your head around it before you reach the Sifu max age.

Age doesn’t simply work by increasing by one each time you die instead takes into account how many high-level enemies you have killed up until now and also how many total deaths you have accumulated. All of this affects your age, but there is a maximum age limit in Sifu, and passing this max-age will end your game completely.

For a more in-depth look at how death in Sifu works, check out our guide on how many times you can die Sifu. But, if you are looking to know what Sifu’s max age is and what happens after you exceed it, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

What is the max age in Sifu?

Sifu’s max age is 70. Once you hit this or your death counter takes you past 70, you will be given one last chance to try and beat whatever boss or level you are playing, before the game resets.

Now, there are skills you can buy to make your runs easier to avoid hitting this max age, and we have some of Sifu’s best skills highlighted for you.

However, you can also avoid reaching this maximum age by killing enemies and bosses to lower your death counter and collecting rewards from one of the many Shrine locations in Sifu. But, not all of the rewards are worth grabbing so if you do pursue them, check out some of the best shrine rewards in Sifu to ensure you are making the correct choices.

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