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Sifu best shrine rewards - the upgrades you need to buy

Looking to make the best out of your upgrades? These are the best Sifu shrine rewards that'll get you through each and every level without ageing too much

Best Sifu Shrine rewards: Sifu stands in the middle of two enemies

Each level in Sifu has a few shrines dotted around. These small jade dragon statues aren’t just pretty, but also serve as a powerful opportunity to upgrade your character without having to die. Alongside that, they all offer a chance to pick up a new buff as well, but each one has different requirements, and when it comes down to it, some are simply better than others too. If you’re trying to make sure that you’ll be starting off as strong as possible, then you’re going to need to know which are the best Sifu Shrine rewards. It’s not an easy thing to see either, as the upgrades in this game are all fairly subtle, making it tricky to know what to pick.

Thankfully, we’ve pushed ourselves further than we thought possible and have, as a result, discovered all the best Shrine rewards in Sifu that’ll help you start out on the right foot – or the left foot. We’re not sure which one you prefer when kicking butts, but either way, we’re here to help.

 Sifu best Shrine rewards

The best Sifu Shrine rewards are:

  • Health Gained on Takedowns
  • Focus Regain
  • Parry Impact

Why these three skills, you ask? Well, Health Gained on Takedowns is good because as you take a beating from enemies, you’ll gain health as you go. While this doesn’t stop you from dying, it does help you stay healthy – provided you’re not fighting bosses, of course.

Parry impact is great because as you’ll need to parry bosses, you’ll want to do more damage to them too. This skill is a huge boon that’ll help you get through each fight quicker, resulting in less death overall.

Last but not least, Focus Regain allows you to use special unblockable attacks. These are great for opening up an enemy’s defences and getting in a couple of attacks for free. Because you should basically always be avoiding or parrying attacks to keep enemies within your reach, you should find this one to be immensely useful no matter what your preferred style of attack is.

Sifu Shrine rewards

Each Shrine gives an option of nine different rewards. Each of these is split into three different categories, each of which has its own limitations or requirements that need to be met in order for you to pick it. So, these are all the potential Shrine rewards:


  • 60 max: Structure Reserve – increases your structure
  • 40 max: Health Gained on Takedowns – gives you more health when taking down an enemy
  • 25 Max: Weapon Durability – increases the durability of your weapons


  • Low: Structure Regain – gain more structure when avoiding attacks
  • Medium: Focus Regain – gain more focus when parrying or avoiding an attack
  • High: Parry Impact – increase the structure damage your parries do


  • 250: Focus Reserve – adds half a bar to your focus
  • 500: Weapon Proficiency – increases the damage your weapons do to enemy structure
  • 1,000: Death Counter – reset your death counter

While these are all theoretically good rewards, figuring out which one you should take is tough. Obviously, resetting your Sifu death counter is useful, but it’s not one of the ones we’d take unless completely necessary. The best Sifu Shrine rewards are the ones that’ll help you stay alive, but also fight back against the oppressively powerful bosses.

Best Sifu Shrine rewards: A jade statue sits in the middle of a white screen, showing the XP values for a skill

So there you have it, the best Sifu Shrine rewards to buy right now. If you’re not sure where the best places are to find a shiny jade dragon, make sure to check out our Sifu Shrine locations guide for a quick heads-up on where to find them.