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Sifu drops “75 thrilling challenges” into Arenas for final update

Pick yourself up off the ground and duke it out one last time in Sifu. Sloclap is preparing to drop the Sifu final content update, with new challenges and more.

Sifu final content update

By this point, you may have become of a master of Kung-Fu in Sifu, but like any skill, you can never practice it enough. That much is true as we approach the Sifu final content update, which isn’t to be missed if you’re a fan of the game’s merciless Arenas mode. Rolling out for PS5, Xbox, and PC platforms soon, here’s what you can expect in one of the best games for action fans around.

“Sifu’s final content update is right around the corner! After launching on all platforms and PC last spring, the Arenas Mode expands its boundaries unveiling more unseen locations and introducing ferocious battles against familiar goons, bosses, and unexpected faces,” says developer Sloclap. Arenas mode pits players against waves of enemies, progressively getting more difficult along the way. You’ll need to utilize everything you learned in Sifu’s story mode to make it out alive.

Arenas gets a worthwhile expansion in the forthcoming update, as Sloclap details there will be “the addition of six dynamic Arenas, 75 thrilling challenges, [and] an array of gripping modifiers and cheats” to experiment with. The update will include new “film-inspired outfits”, but specifics as to what they are haven’t been revealed just yet.

In previous updates, Sloclap gave players outfits inspired by Oldboy, The Raid, Game of Death, and even the 2011 neo-noir Drive. We’d love it if the developer paid a homage or two to legendary director John Woo. Can we get a Hard Boiled-inspired skin, please? You can take a look at those previous outfits below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Sifu outfits

It appears that the update will also embrace Sifu’s more supernatural elements too, as players can expect to engage in “encounters with zombie-like enemies, doppelgangers, and interactive environments that will test your reflexes and strategic prowess like never before.”

Sifu’s final content update will arrive on Thursday, September 7, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Those of you waiting for a Nintendo Switch version will need to hang on a bit longer, as Sloclap says it “will be released at a later date.”

As Sloclap wraps up Sifu’s content cycle, we’re wondering what is next for the franchise. It’d be a shame for the game’s excellent combat and gorgeous aesthetic to be shelved. Though its revenge story wraps up neatly at the end (depending on what ending you achieve), we’re sure there is more left in the tank for a second outing.

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