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Scorn weapons list

This guide will go over the four unique Scorn weapons, what each one is good at and how you can get them while playing the game on console or PC

Scorn Weapons: A large shotgun can be seen

Scorn is a wholly disgusting game. And while you might come across malformed creatures, gross fleshy structures, and even phallic objects, one of the more disturbing parts of the game are the Scorn weapons. These all fit right into Scorn’s world with a collection of fleshy parts and skeletal looking outer shells. But, while each of them may be unique, it can be hard to decipher what each one is best at. That’s where this article comes in as we run through each one below.

What are all the Scorn weapons?

Scorn has four different weapons that are unlocked throughout the game. These are:

  • Melee Prod
  • Shotgun
  • Revolving Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher

Scorn Weapons: The Melee Prod can be seen in the player's hand

Melee Prod

The Melee Prod is the first weapon you get in Act I-II. It is a short range weapon that fires out a damaging prod. The weapon has two pumps in it before those pumps recharge and it is more of a backup weapon than your core weapon once you get additional guns.

This weapon can be grabbed as soon as you begin the act, after riding up the elevator from the holster directly inbetween the two doorways to the two coridoors.

Scorn Weapons: The Shotgun can be seen


The Shotgun is obtained in Act III. As you are exploring and come across the first light node puzzle, you will find the weapon in a small side room.

This is one of your core guns that you will rely on in Scorn. It holds up to six shots and has room for another dozen in reserve. The gun fires moderately damaging shotgun shells that can kill most low-tier enemies in two-to-three hits.

Scorn Weapons: The Revolving Shotgun can be seen

Revolving Shotgun

The Revolving Shotgun is your other core weapon. It fires powerful shotgun shells that can kill most low-tier enemies in one hit and the large four-legged creatures in two shots. It has room for three shells and the barrel spins with every shot. Another half a dozen shells are held in reserve.

This weapon can be obtained on the lowest level of the structure, opposite the pillars with the puzzle mazes in Act IV.

Scorn Weapons: The Grenade Launcher can be seen

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is the final weapon in Scorn and it is obtained in Act V. It is only really used for one boss fight and a few puzzle solutions. But, it is one of the more powerful weapons, able to deal large explosions in the area where its greandes land.

The Grenade Launcher is obtained after you defeat the first boss when you are crushing the small fetus creatures to use their blood.

As mentioned, these weapon names probably aren’t the official names as they aren’t given any in the game. But, these are the best way to describe each of them in name form.

The selection of Scorn weapons is small but they are all incredibly unique and guns like the Shotgun have fleshy tendrils that connect the barrel to the grip, giving everything an extremely unique look and feel. While these weapons may be poweful, combat in Scorn isn’t the easiest thing to tackle so if you are struggling as you are making your way through read up on some of our combat tips or our walkthrough. They just might save your life.