How to switch weapons in Scorn

Are you curious about how to switch weapons in Scorn? Here is what button or key you need to press on PC or on your console of choice

Scorn how to switch weapons: The player can be seen holding a gun

As with discovering how to heal in Scorn, one of the other obscure mechanics in the game is how to switch between weapons you already have. With a lack of instructions or tutorials on what to do you may not even realise you can hold more than one weapon. But, this guide will show you exactly how to switch weapons in Scorn.

As with most mechanics in Scorn, don’t expect to be able to switch weapons fast as the process will take more than a few seconds to complete fully. So, you only want to switch weapons when the time calls for it during combat.

So, to save you a lot of trouble, you can check out exactly how to switch weapons in Scorn below. We go over the button and key you need to press.

How to switch weapons in Scorn?

To switch weapons in Scorn, all you need to do is hit the Y button or d-pad on your controller or the I key or number keys on PC. This former will pull up your inventory and then from there, you can select your weapon by scrolling through all the gross items you are keeping on you. The latter option will just switch to whichever weapon is assigned to the direction or number you press.

Switching weapons isn’t really needed until you get to the midway point of the game where you come across tougher enemies. And, with some weapons having limited ammo, knowing what to do to switch weapons is key. But, do be warned that pulling up your inventory is slow, as is switching weapons, like a lot of features in Scorn. So, you will want to be in a safe place to do it.

With the knowledge of how to switch weapons in Scorn, you will be in a much better spot to survive and continue through the game. If you are progressing through, why not check out our guide on all the Scorn puzzle solutions so you don’t spend hours wondering what you should be doing when you come across one of the game’s obscure puzzles?