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How to heal in Scorn

Are you curious about how to heal in Scorn? Here is what you need to press to heal on both PC and console so you don't die in the game's gruesome halls

Scorn How To Heal: A person can be seen laying in a casket

Scorn is a pretty unforgiving game and as you jump in you will quickly realise that it doesn’t tell you a lot about it. From how to switch weapons, to how to complete all the puzzle solutions, there isn’t a lot guiding you through Scorn besides your own intuition. So, to help you out this guide will tell you how to heal in Scorn, which is one of the key mechanics you should get down so that you don’t keel over.

Healing may not seem key early on in Scorn, but as your progress and complete more of the game’s chapters you will realise that healing is one of the most important parts of Scorn. Enemies do not die easily so, you will often find yourself on low health as you try to survive.

So, to find out how to heal in Scorn, read below for the key or button to press on PC or console.

How to heal in Scorn?

To heal in Scorn, you need to press the left bumper on console or the E key on PC. Pressing this button or key will allow you to inject yourself with whatever your life force is in this disgusting world. It will only restore a small portion of your health though, about a segment in the bar. So, you still have to play cautiously.

As shown in our combat tips guide which explains the game’s combat Scorn isn’t about running around the levels. Instead, you want to effectively opt for a cat-and-mouse style of gameplay where you land a hit, run, wait to land a hit, run, etc. It’s clear the combat is supposed to feel clunky and our Scorn review goes over our mixed thoughts on it.

Amongst not telling you about mechanics like how to heal in Scorn, the game also stays relatively silent on how to complete a number of parts of the experience. As such, if you are stuck in the game, our Scorn walkthrough should help you out.