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Saints Row Crimes of Opportunity guide

Want to know just what the Saints Row Crime of Opportuntiy activities are all about? Well, here is what you need to know before you go travelling Santo Ileso

Saints Row Crime of Opportunity: A player can be seen shooting some enemies

Saints Row is all about crime, but while you are committing some yourself, occasionally you may want to stop it. Crime of Opportunity activities in Saints Row is where you can do just that and earn some small rewards in the process.

While the Saints are busy earning the big bucks, petty crime runs rife throughout the city and these random activities across Santo Ileso are the best way to stop it. Although, you may end up taking some of the stolen items or money for yourself.

This guide will give you an overview of the Saints Row crime of opportunities in the game, so you know what to expect before you stumble upon on.

Saints Row Crimes of Opportunity

Crime of Opportunities in Saints Row are randomly generated small activities within the world where you can stop a crime and grab the stolen money or items for yourself.

They randomly spawn, so they aren’t shown on the map until they pop up near you and you will get a small amount of money or XP for completing them. While not sizeable, they are easy and quick to complete so it might be worth doing them whenever they pop up.

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