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Rumbleverse tips – ways to succeed in Grapital City’s brawls

Looking for some Rumbleverse tips to ensure you stay alive and win? Here is what knowledge you should have when approaching fights

Rumbleverse Tips: Four players can be seen fighting and attacking one another

Rumbleverse is here and if you are hoping into Grapital City’s map you are going to want to ensure you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to succeed. And, to help you out, we have compiled some Rumbleverse tips to give you that edge in battles with other players whether you fighting in the streets or making use of the tall buildings and hillsides.

With a focus on melee attacks and using buffs and pickups to boost your power, Rumbleverse plays a bit differently from Epic’s other big battle royale, Fortnite. As such, the game is less reliant on your building skills or aim, and more focused on being able to take advantage of situations you are presented with and landing powerful blows.

So, if you are jumping in and playing, be sure to read below for all our Rumbleverse tips. These tips are aimed at helping you out during your initial matches!

Land on Destructible crates and targets

At the start of a game, you will be fired out of a cannon and when you land and get familiar with the map, make sure you land directly on destructible crates or targets.

This will allow you to collect items and buffs faster than landing at a random spot on the map and having to run to them and then destroy them. That way if you are surprised initially by a player, you are prepared to fight right from the start of a match.

Rumbleverse Tips: Players can be seen being fired out of a cannon

Throw enemies into Walls

As you are fighting and pummelling your enemies, be sure to aim to try and launch them or throw the into a wall. This will stun your opponents for a few brief seconds, allowing you to do a follow-up.

That follow-up if done as a combo can land massive amounts of damage and change the entire flow of a fight, potentially ending an opponent or giving you an advantage.

Rumbleverse Tips: A player can be seen pulling off an emote

Hit Targets With Enough Power

Scattered around the map you can find a number of targets and upon hitting them or crashing into them you have a chance of getting a chicken to heal yourself.

Landing on this target from a height or with enough power will increase the chance of a chicken spawning, or make it a guarantee. So, be sure to power yourself up before you slam down or hit it if you are desperate for some healing items.

Rumbleverse Tips: Two players can be seen fighting on some train tracks?

Don’t be afraid to create space

While Rumbleverse ostensibly is all about attacking consistently and landing blow after blow, don’t be afraid to create space if you need to.

You don’t want to end up getting cornered or combo-d which could potentially end your match. So, if you are low on health or need to heal, or just need some time to compose yourself and reset the battle back up, find a space to heal and then approach a fight from another angle.

Rumbleverse Tips: A player can be seen giving the thumbs up.

Keep An Eye Out For Bushes

Some players will be hiding in bushes if they are trying to land a surprise hit or hide away from an attack.

But, if those bushes have leaves flying away or falling off, this means that a player is actually hiding in there, so you can either land a surprise hit, or stay away and take a different path towards your destination.

Rumbleverse Tips: A player can be seen looking at the camera while in a ring.

That covers our key Rumbleverse tips. Hopefully, this should ensure you are able to hold your own and work your way up towards being the last wrestler alive. For more on the game, check out our overview of Rumbleverse’s character creation and customisation options that you can select from the get-go.