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Rumbleverse map - everything to know about Grappital City

Are you looking for a rundown of what to expect with the Rumbleverse map? Here is what you need to know about fighting in Grappital City

Rumbleverse Map: A man can be seen falling into Grappital City

Rumbleverse is the latest live service to be built around its unique map, and Iron Galaxy’s game takes us all to the urban streets and parks, rather than rural hillsides. But, that doesn’t mean the Rumbleverse map has any less identity or personality than any other game.

As such, we have pulled together every bit of information into this guide, covering the Rumbleverse map. Locations, key areas, landmarks and named locations, and more, will all be covered here so you can get a feel for the cityscape before you jump into the ring.

Continue reading below for more on the unique and highly vertical city Iron Galaxy has built and any updated details about key areas or locations. With, Rumbleverse being a live-service game, we are expecting the city to change and morph over time with new seasons and events.

Rumbleverse Map

RumbleVerse’s map is set in Grappital City, a large urban area that celebrates the traditions of melee combat.

As we haven’t got our hands on the game yet, we don’t have a proper image of the map. However, for the most part, it almost entirely consists of urban areas, with a few parks and green spaces scattered about. The majority of the space is taken up by large skyscrapers you can jump up or roads and pedestrianised spaces.

However, there are some unique landmarks and areas, such as a large under-construction building, a number of train tracks scattered around, and some large squares.

Rumbleverse releases on August 11, where we will be able to get a better look at the full map and each of its main areas and locations.

While you wait for the full overview of the Rumbleverse map, why not check out our guide on Rumbleverse’s character creation and customisation and how Rumbleverse crossplay works?