Roller Champions release date, gameplay ranked mode

Ubisoft's 'Rocket League on rollerblades' has a lot to look forward to, but when is the Roller Champions release date set for? Here is everything we know

Dubbed ‘Rocket League on rollerblades’, Ubisoft’s Roller Champions is one of the most intriguing competitive titles the publisher has planned. Despite looking more like a party game on the surface, Roller Champions actually puts the competitive experience before anything else.

With a number of game modes taking place on a variety of vibrant, oval-shaped roller rings, a dedicated ranked mode, and early support for community esports tournaments, Ubisoft appears to be very keen to make this free-to-play game a top competitive title. It’s also going to be a crossplay game, so pals playing on a number of platforms can don their helmets and knee pads to compete with or against each other.

If you’ve seen word of Roller Champions floating around since its announcement back in 2019, you are probably keen to know what is happening with the game and when the Roller Champions release date is.

Roller Champions release date

The Roller Champions release date appears to be set for May 25, 2022.

A leak from ‘Aggiornamenti Lumia’ on Twitter lists the Xbox release date, and they have spotted a number of other leaks before. We should hear more about the game’s surprise release soon!

Roller Champions gameplay

Ubisoft has shown off plenty of Roller Champions gameplay, and plenty of creators have also aired their experiences with the game’s betas on YouTube.

The gameplay is very fast-paced and, surprisingly, has quite a high skill ceiling for potential tactics and executing moves.

In standard modes, Roller Champions games are 3v3, but special modes such as 2v2 have been confirmed to appear for limited times.

Similarly to Rocket League, your trio must navigate your way around a pretty standard, oval roller derby ring, keeping possession of a ball. The more laps you complete with the ball in hand, the more points you can score when you finally throw the ball in the goal, which is mounted on the outside wall of the ring.

To dispossess the opposing team and win the ball off them, you can wipe out the ball carrier with a tackle, or try and intercept a pass. Players can also execute dodges to avoid tackles.

Roller Champions ranked mode

Roller Champions has a surprisingly sophisticated ranked mode, with 23 ranks propped up by proper MMR-based matchmaking. It closely resembles the work Ubisoft has done with the Rainbow Six Siege ranks.

In ranked mode, you can climb the ladder all the way from Garage rank to Champions rank. You can get the full lowdown in our guide to the Roller Champions ranks.

That’s all we know about Roller Champions so far, but we’ll continue to update this with new info – including that all-important Roller Champions release date.