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Paramore bring the hits to Rock Band 4 ahead of This Is Why tour

Ahead of their upcoming This Is Why tour, American rock legends Paramore are dropping two new bonafide bops as Rock Band 4 DLC songs on PlayStation and Xbox.

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Pick up the plastic Fender Stratocaster again folks, because it is a special occasion for Rock Band 4 players. In a game that already contains iconic bands like Foo Fighters and Fleetwood Mac, the fun continues with none other than emo royalty Hayley Williams. As pleas for a Paramore Australia 2023 tour grow, fans can expect to see the band introduce two more Rock Band 4 DLC songs ahead of the upcoming This Is Why UK tour.

According to the official Rock Band Twitter account, Paramore lovers should look forward to the songs Misery Business and This Is Why appearing in the game from April 13, 2023. The songs provide fans with a “then and now” retrospective of Paramore, says developer Harmonix. The former song comes from Paramore’s 2007 album Riot, while This Is Why hails from the recent 2023 album of the same name.

Digging into the history of Misery Business, perhaps the band’s most well-known single, Harmonix explains that “the single tells the tale of a chaotic love triangle between teenagers. [Hayley] Williams’ authentically representative lyrics are delivered with authority, power, and control, while Zac Farro’s confidently potent drums and the muscular guitar chugging of Taylor York match her enthusiasm and energy every step of the way.”

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Speaking on the release of This Is Why as a new single, the blog details it “exists as a force to be reckoned with is, at least in part, due to the collaborative and almost trance-like writing process.”

“It was all of us being together, trying a different verse, maybe stripping it down to drums and bass, [then] Hayley came in and Taylor added his parts […] it became these cool building blocks and that was refreshing,” says drummer Zac Farro. Additionally, the blog states the inclusion of these songs is “the celebration of the return of one of the most beloved groups in rock. Welcome back, Paramore!”

If you’re ready to give these songs your best shot, then you’ll be able to purchase them via the in-game store for $1.99/£1.49 each. Like us, we’re sure you’re pining for a resurgence from the Rock Band or Guitar Hero franchises. With so many upcoming PS5 games on the horizon and the power of PSVR 2 available, we can only imagine how wicked a new entry would be.

For now, there are still tons of games aside from Rock Band 4 to explore. Dig into the latest PS Plus April 2023 free games to find your next adventure.