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Forget Modern Warfare 2 and hop onto Roblox Frontlines instead

Fed up of grinding Modern Warfare 2 or waiting for COD 2023? Well cast them aside and head over to Roblox. Yes, Roblox Frontlines might just be what you need.

Operator with a weapon in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Roblox Frontlines

Even though Modern Warfare 2 is pushing new content alongside Warzone 2 and DMZ mode, a lack of some classic COD features is still leaving fans wanting more. Well, it seems that multiplayer behemoth Roblox has got the goods. Adorned with classic Call of Duty features and more, Roblox Frontlines might just be the FPS fix you and your squadmates are pining for.

Roblox has endless content to dive into, from loving tributes to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to anime-inspired games like Shindo Life or Slayers Unleashed. Now, it is Roblox Frontlines that has COD players bearing arms. Call of Duty enthusiast account ‘Modern Warzone‘ highlights the mode’s features, proclaiming “believe it or not, this ISN’T Call of Duty, it’s actually Roblox.”

Not only does Roblox Frontlines include the “classic minimap” that many MW2 players are missing, but it also includes: “shooting while sliding, tactical sprint, non-instantaneous TTK.” The footage accompanying this feature breakdown gives off some serious COD4 vibes, with its no-nonsense combat and stark visual aesthetic. It is clearly striking a chord with the COD community though, as prominent content creators like ‘KonekoKitten‘ are singing Roblox Frontline’s praises.

“Just giving a heads up, this game probably can’t run on a lot of computers […] the fact I have to say this for a Roblox game is kind of ridiculous in itself y’know,” says the YouTuber. Featuring the likes of “Team Deathmatch [and] Capture The Flag”, the COD-like game offers an experience that most fans will be “familiar with.”

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Coming from Maximillian Studios, the first-person shooter has even managed to catch the attention of notable streamers such as Forrest ‘KreekCraft’ Waldron, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, and ‘FaZe’ Kalei Renay. Responding to KreekCraft’s admission of “I can’t believe this is a Roblox game”, CouRage simply added: “Bro WHAT.”

However, FaZe Kalei isn’t feeling as enthusiastic toward Roblox Frontlines. “In COD you are fighting against middle-aged men playing on a flat-screen tv. On Roblox, you are fighting against 5-year-olds on their parent’s tablet,” jokes the FaZe content creator. We’re guessing she won’t be appearing alongside anyone in battle anytime soon.

If you are still chipping away at the latest COD entry though, don’t forget to check out the latest Modern Warfare 2 patch notes, as we anticipate the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 release date.