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Riders Republic’s Skateboard costs you more than a MW2 Blackcell pass

Ubisoft releases the Riders Republic Skateboard for all to enjoy on PS5 and Xbox, but the price of popping ollies costs as much as the MW2 Blackcell pass.

Riders Republic Skateboard price

Ubisoft introduces the thrill of skating into Riders Republic going forward, as the Riders Republic Skateboard pack arrives for players to purchase. While some fans may have expected it to drop as a free additional activity in the game, you’ll need to part ways with some cash to shred it up with your friends. And it’ll cost you as much as the recent Modern Warfare 2 Blackcell battle pass.

Currently, Call of Duty players can get the latest MW2 Blackcell pass for $29.99 on digital storefronts like the PlayStation or Xbox store. That is cheaper than the Riders Republic Skate Plus Pack, which comes in at a considerable $39.99 – a whole $10/£10 more than COD cosmetics. However, you can get access to the skateboarding through the in-game Riders Republic store separately, for $19.99/£19.99 instead.

If you haven’t acquired the Welcome Pack, this will be your best option, otherwise you’ll need to consider other currency bundles in the store. The main differences between the core in-store pack and the Plus Pack come down to the inclusion of the following with the latter:

  • The Hoverboard and an exclusive outfit
  • The Ridge Ultimate Pack with 8 of the Republic’s wildest events, new rewards, and another exclusive legendary outfit.
  • Black Heart legendary outfit

riders republic skateboard price

You can’t unlock the skateboard naturally through playing the game, so if you want to access all 15 career events and their rewards, these are your only options at present. The arrival of skating is garnering a mixed reception with players, as some of the community debates the merit of the bundle’s price point. Redditor ‘SagnolTheGangster’ vents their dismay at the price, jokingly asking whether it is “a joke” on the game’s subreddit.

Another player, ‘BFluffer’, joins their frustration: “I’m all for it costing money, but there is such a thing as overpriced and this is overpriced. It’s a DLC. Shouldn’t cost the price of a full new game. There are full-fledged skating games for less than the price. It’s not a great move.”

Skater XL and Session retail at $39.99 and $49.99 respectively, but offer a dedicated skating experience. Session aims to offer a grounded approach to the sport, while Skater XL is somewhat of a spiritual Skate successor. If you’re into kickflips and varials, we recommend Session in particular, which is one of the best sports games you can play right now.

Unavailable or 39.99??? Is this a joke?
byu/SagnolThGangster inRidersRepublic

In the meantime, if you want to try out the skateboard briefly in-game, Riders Republic includes an introductory mission for skaters, but you’ll only get to sample tricks and movement for a few minutes.

The aforementioned MW2 Blackcell pass rewards COD players with more currency and battle pass access, as well giving them exclusive cosmetic items to deploy:

  • Battle Pass for Season 06
  • 20 Battle Token Tier Skips
  • Exclusive BlackCell Sector on the Battle Map
  • 1100 Call of Duty® Points
  • BlackCell Operator
  • Pro-tuned Weapon Blueprint
  • Finishing Move
  • BlackCell Smoke Grenade
  • BlackCell Bonus Topper with 10 additional Operator skin alternatives, 6 Weapon Blueprints with Tracers and 2 Vehicle skins

You’ll be able to take all of these rewards with you when the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives, so it might be worth considering if you’re into collecting everything the game has to offer. You can get a taste of the next COD game too via the upcoming MW3 beta.