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Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition hits tricky obstacle for new DLC downloads

Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC is live now, but for players with Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition, accessing the new DLC is proving difficult.

Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition DLC

Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC is finally live, bringing new enemies, weapons, and secrets to the Gunfire Games’ Soulslike shooter. Kicking off the first of three expansions, players who have Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition can download the DLC free of charge, although issues are already coming to the surface. If you’re trying to access the new Remnant 2 expansion, then you might need to be patient.

“Apologies to players who purchased the Ultimate Edition and are having trouble redeeming the DLC,” explains Gunfire Games on social media, as they add that “we are working on the issue now and should have it resolved soon. Also troubleshooting other problems some players are having.” We reckon when it comes to the best Soulslike games of 2023, Remnant 2 is a big contender. Now, with The Awakened King DLC arriving, you can take the best Remnant 2 classes and best Remnant 2 weapons to new heights. However, getting hold of them in Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition is proving tricky to say the least.

Though it seems some PS5 and Xbox players are getting access to The Awakened King DLC through Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition, many are still hoping for this strange obstacle to be removed. With the release of the fresh expansion, it is opening up the game to all manner of other issues, as reports of the game’s multiplayer ceasing to work is becoming a major complaint. Despite new Remnant 2 patch notes appearing alongside The Awakened King, this particular problem is yet to be ironed out.

remnant 2 dlc ultimate edition the awakened king download

“Multiplayer doesn’t seem to be working on PS5. Never had any issues before. Super frustrating,” says one frustrated player in response to Gunfire Games. Others like ‘Seanofthede1’ claim that this is still a long-term problem: “there are still loads of people who have [had] this issue still for months.” 

Regarding multiplayer, the patch notes specify that “you will be prompted for your region on first startup and can change it later if necessary. When you are searching for a public game, it will only show users in your region, and your region will determine which users can see your public games.”

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This is handy for localization, but with multiplayer failing to work, comparisons can be drawn to the game launch state. When the game debuted, crossplay and Remnant 2 multiplayer was near inaccessible, making it difficult to get the most out of the game’s co-op focused premise.

When this problem is resolved, you can access Remnant 2’s new The Ritualist Archetype, which brings a distinctly magical flavor to combat. If you don’t the Ultimate Edition of the game, or if you’re waiting to see the new DLC is like, we’ve got good news. You don’t actually need to own it, thanks to a nifty trick for Gunfire Games. With more Remnant 2 DLC on the way, this could be the case going forward for the rest of them.