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Remnant 2 “dropped the ball” with this weapon design, says expert

Gunfire Games unleashes a wicked arsenal of Remnant 2 weapons to play with, but one gun quite a few flaws according to this Royal Armouries expert.

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The world of Remnant 2 is full of some awesome fantasy weapons, but sometimes relying on a few classic guns is the way to do some serious damage. A fair share of them are among the best Remnant 2 weapons, but one weapon in particular misses the mark in a few key areas, according to a Royal Armouries firearms expert. It might just be your favorite weapon that’s in the firing line of criticism.

Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, Jonathan Ferguson gives his opinions on Remnant 2’s array of weapons in the latest ‘Firearms Expert Reacts’ video over at GameSpot. Among his dissection of the game’s guns, Ferguson takes issue with the Chicago Typewriter – a take on the Thompson submachine aka the Tommy Gun: “Looking at the actual game mode, this is nothing like a Thompson in any respect […] it’s very Fallout.”

Gunfire Games, of course, takes liberties with its design ethos given that Remnant 2 exists in a fantasy realm. However, with a selection of more grounded guns available from Brabus (Ward 13’s weapon vendor), Ferguson notes that “really the only thing that makes this a Chicago Typewriter, two things. One, a vertical pistol grip […] two, the drum magazine.”

The game’s description for the Chicago Typewriter claims it is a “classic Tommy Gun”, but Ferguson takes issue with his descriptor. ~This is not a classic Tommy Gun by any stretch of the imagination. Tommy Gun never became a generic nickname like Hoover did for vacuum cleaners. Gangster Gun did derive from the Thompson, but not Tommy Gun.”

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Ferguson adds there isn’t anything necessarily “wrong” with the weapon design, but it fires “implausibly wrong cartridge cases”, leaving it as a “bit of a dropped ball.” Those aforementioned cartridge cases (bullet shells) also appear to come out of “nowhere”, as there is no discernable ejection port on the gun itself.

Adding some of the best Remnant 2 weapon mods can also change the aesthetic of weapons, and in the case of the Chicago Typewriter, it adds a distinct alien-like wrap around the barrel of the gun. It looks badass during battle, especially if you’re partial to using the Hot Shot weapon mod that shoots fire-laden rounds at your enemies. Despite its awesome look, Ferguson feels it would look better wrapped around a “real Thompson” design.

Regardless of how you feel about weapon aesthetics, using them with the correct Remnant 2 classes is important. Pair your Archetype with the best Remnant 2 amulets and you’ll be unstoppable.