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Rockstar’s meddling fuels Red Dead Redemption remake rumors

Rockstar Games appears to be laying the foundations for Red Dead Redemption remake announcement, as avid fans notice some subtle tweaks behind the scenes.

Red Dead Redemption remake

We’re ready and raring to saddle up again in Blackwater, and hopefully, it’ll be in the rumored Red Dead Redemption remake that has Rockstar Games fans scouring every move from the GTA 5 developer. The matter of an official confirmation for a current-gen version of Red Dead Redemption is on all our minds, but some tweaks behind the scenes indicate one of the best games ever made could be back with some polish.

Rockstar Games enthusiast and reporter ‘VideoTechx’ details that “a new Red Dead Redemption related font went live yesterday on Rockstar Games’ website, called ‘RDRUltraHeadline’.” The new typeface is yet to be used for any kind of blog post, but VideoTechx theorizes it might be for forthcoming announcements: “Checked out the font applied on a newswire with some inspect element. It appears the font is reserved for an upcoming newswire post.”

A font might not be as enthralling as the prospect of gameplay footage, but it does follow suit with Rockstar’s recent update of the game’s achievements. These appeared after the game received a new age classification too. Rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remake originally appeared around the time of the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy release, but the poor reception to the divisive collection allegedly put Red Dead Redemption and a GTA 4 remake on ice indefinitely.

Furthermore, VideoTechx claims that “we’re likely closer to the announcement […] these changes could indicate they’re writing up a newswire to announce the product. These things can take time, but August is pretty much on the cards for the announcement.

Red Dead Redemption remake announcement rumor

Reporters such as Last Stand Media owner Colin Moriarty purport that the Red Dead Redemption remake does exist, after claiming they have seen confirmation of it. As exciting as this remake is for fans of the brilliant western open-world game, players looking to get back in the saddle as John Marston aren’t so sure that it will deliver the brand of quality associated with Rockstar Games.

“I would not pre-order by any means given Rockstar’s track record with re-masters,” says ‘Grindcoffeebyhands‘ on the game’s subreddit. The aforementioned GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy was developed by Grove Street Games; a studio that primarily focused on mobile ports of classic GTA titles. The studio is currently assisting the production of Ark 2, so it is unlikely that they’ll be handling a project as ambitious as Red Dead Redemption.

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We certainly hope that the Red Dead Redemption remake joins the ranks of upcoming PS5 games, and with Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive gearing up to share its Q1 2024 report on August 8, it might just be time to dust off your cowboy boots.