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Kingdom Come Deliverance is just $4 on PS5 following reveal of KCD2

If you’re hyped for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, then you can play the first entry of the RPG series on PS4 and PS5 now for a very low price.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition: An image of a knight in Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition.

Swanning across battlefields, trusting your fellow noblemen, and sweeping up a fair maiden is all part of the Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 experience. While we’re looking forward to the massive RPG sequel later this year, we reckon now is the perfect time to revisit its predecessor. If you’re looking for some good medieval fun on PS5, then this massive 90% discount on Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition isn’t to be missed.

First off, you’ll need to head over to the PlayStation Store on your PS4 or PS5 before Thursday, April 25, 2024. Once there, you’ll be able to secure Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition for just $3.99/£3.50 – an absolute steal of a price. This version of Warhorse Studios’ RPG game comes with all the game’s DLC, of which there are five total expansions to experience. Typically, the Royal Edition sells for $39.99/£34.99, a price almost akin to new PS5 games like acclaimed co-op game Helldivers 2.

While it may seem a touch outdated when compared to recent, big-budget RPG titans like Dragon’s Dogma 2, that doesn’t mean it can’t stand toe to toe with them. At the time of release, our friends over at PCGamesN said in their Kingdom Come Deliverance review that it is “a rich RPG where the finest details and choices you make help mold your character.” Clearly that feeling is shared by legions of players too, as the game surpassed 6 million copies in February 2024.

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But what do you actually get up to in it? Well, you’re the son of a blacksmith, living a jolly ol’ life until terror strikes on your village. Desperate to get revenge, your quest for vengeance begins, and you’re free to craft the ultimate medieval warrior of your dreams.

Combat is more Chivalry 2 aligned, as opposed to fantasy open world game rivals like Skyrim. Each choice you make matters, and it can be pretty unforgiving, but that’s all part of the journey after all.

It’ll definitely keep you occupied until the Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 release date arrives, as the main story can take you well up to 50 hours to complete. Or if you’re a completionist, you can expect to sink at least 130 hours into it.

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